SoundDesigners Podcast #45 July Mixed By Marcelo Tavares

Podcast 45 July M Tavares

Welcome to another monthly Podcast SD. The guest this month is Marcelo Tavares and is the head behind the Deep Space Podcast. He is a native of Brazil, even this wonderful country that currently hosts the World Cup. Since the beginning it has been interesting to watch great football games where the most of European teams has not done well. lWell, et’s see what happens by the end!
Returning to the beloved music, Marcelo develops the project Deep Space Podcast. A weekly radio show with guests online. Take a peek …
Marcelo brought us 1 hour and 16m of optimal and fresh construction which goes through a lot of good the current dance scene. Is the invitation … click PLAY and travel there, where you want, however you want. Do not forget … spread good energy and live life with content!
Have a nice and hot month of July brothers & sisters,
Hugs and see you soon,

Listen Here:


1) Holocaos & Leozzone – Singularidade (Blasquez Feat. Paulinho Paes Remix)
2) Butch & C. Vogt – The Infamous (Original Mix) – [Rebirth]
3) AFMB – All My Lovin’ – [Drumpoet Community]
4) Heavyhandz – Light Is New – [Deeper Shades Recordings]
5) DJ Qu – All Across The Floor – [Underground Quality]
6) Afefe Iku – Azimuth – [Yoruba Records]
7) The Drifter & Benjamin Frohlich – Waterville (A Sagittariun Remix) – [Permanent Vacation]
8) Mike Dehnert – Emlo – [Delsin]
9) Marco Bernardi – Demonia – [Frustated Funk]
10) Fluxion – Expansion – [Echocord]
11) Brain Machine – Heaven (Unit 4 Remix) – [Emotional Response]
12) Al Dobson Jr. – Tomorrow – [IZWID]
13) Liquidus Ambiento – Sampa Hi-Fi – [Royal Soul Records]
14) Dego & Kaidi – Acting Up On That Shit Don’t Count – [Eglo]
15) El Brujo Oscuro – Macumba (The Pirate-Radio Mix) – [Beta Bodega]
16) Efdemin – Ohara – [Dial]

Marcelo Links:

SC: @marceloxtavares

SD…to feed the soul!

13th birthday party ELEMENTS (12/13 of July, Coimbra)

Elements pedra aguda

Hello guys,

I’m announcing the Mini-Festival that will take place in Coimbra, conducted by the Elements. Celebrates 13 years of pure struggle, love and search of sounds that complement the expression of our desires on the dance floor. The dance, the feelings, the design of a series of ideas that are revealed in our mind of a holistic manner. There are several phrases that bring us closer to the truth, our truth, when we sweat and project our strength, to dance, to feel the life, when the music takes us to this point. But even the best phrases can not match , or describe in full what it feels like life, in such an intense way, in these moments.
A little bit of Philosophy is good to the health of the mind. Don’t you think? lol
Anyway…if you are here in Portugal, you can go to Coimbra, know the city/culture and enjoy the party in a marvelous place @ PEDRUGA.
I’m excited, I will play like PeteBlas(if you don’t know) and the space is wonderful. The line-up is appealing with Brando Lupi like Headliner.
Let’s go!
I leave here the recent PODcast of Brando Lupi.
I hope see you there, in the ELECTRONIC_GARDEN!
Love guys,

ERS130 - Brando Lupi by E.Podcast on Mixcloud

SoundDesigners Podcast #44 May Mixed By Hebbo

Podcast 44

✺ Hello to all,
First, Welcome to another podcast in the frequencies of SoundDesigners. May, what can be said of this month? Good approximation of temperatures at all levels, if we wish so. I ask already my apologies for not having been Podcast in April, there were some constrains, anyway the event already has passed … May … May that month! lol
May invitation goes to Aizul Azuan, with the alter-ego Hebbo, native of Malaysia, the Eastern lands that provide us a deep cultural level. Hebbo is Dj and lately have been dedicated to production and publishing company that develops, Minimalaysia. Busy schedule to spread his virtues. Hebbo offers us a journey through his sound choices. We hope you like it …
I wish you all a great month of May, full of health, joy and fellowship!


✺ Link:

Resident Advisor Hebbo
[In this link you find all of them]

SD…to feed the soul!

Kink Performance @ RA

Hello to all,

Life in this world of electronic music is fascinating. The potential that each has when it identifies, flowers priced much work but no doubt that the results illuminate everything around us …
With this phrase, I want leave here personal reflection on life and the world.
After seeing the recent performance of Kink, in the videos of Resident Advisor, i thought to share with you immediately. It was inspiring to me, I hope it is for you too …

Kink Performance @ RA

SD…to feed the soul!

Outer Space Analog Trip

After seeing this … as I can not share! FUCK!
I Hope this give you some ideas…
Just some videos with substance that feeds the soul!

Serge WAD through Halls Of Valhalla Z-DSP at Namm 2014

Serge WAD through Halls Of Valhalla Z-DSP at Namm 2014 from GM on Vimeo.

Simple patch using the Serge WAD as a screaming machine, into the Valhalla Z-DSP Reverb.

Z4000 Cross Modulation

Z4000 Cross Modulation from GM on Vimeo.

What happens when one Z4000 controls another Z4000, which controls another Z4000, which modulate the first Z4000, which triggers the second Z4000, which…..

Overdubbing Z3000 voices

Overdubbing Z3000 voices from GM on Vimeo.

All the sounds including the drum sounds were made using three Z3000 by overdubbing. The pad sound toward the end was generated by a roland JX3P and was process in the modular using the Z5000.

Z8000 Prototype

Z8000 beep beep from GM on Vimeo.

2 x Z3000, 1 x Z2040 , 1 x Z8000 and 1 x Z5000 playing sine waves

SD…to feed the soul!

Don Buchla @ Redbull (2007)




Don Buchla

Some Info About the Amazing Don Buchla @ Redbull

Redbull text: We’re used to seeing some pretty great minds front and centre of our beloved Academy, but few of our feted couch surfers can touch Don Buchla when it comes to sheer brain power. A true pioneer in the field of electronic music, Don started producing his first synthesizers in the ‘60s, months after a certain Robert Moog though it is highly probable his designs left the drawing room well before dear Bob’s. This is an undoubtedly heavy-going session but make sure you stay the course, you may well learn something.
Love guys,

SD…to feed the soul!

Benge – Being John Carpenter 2

Sunday Synth Jam: This retronica synth jam, Being John Carpenter 2, is inspired by the synth scores of director/composer John Carpenter.

Technical details: The track features Moog Modular 3C, ARP Odyssey, ARP Sequencer, Linn LM1, Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 and Moog 12 Stage Phaser.

SD…to feed the soul!