Vladislav Delay Goes Digital

One topic that always arouses much controversy. The vinyl is all one story, the beginning of the legacy of electronic music,later appears the digital format which destroys the entire industry that vinyl built in decades. The music industry suffers a change of 180 degrees. It is necessary to adapt and the main question is What to do? In this interview Vladislav Delay tell us what decided after his experience.
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Veteran experimental producer Vladislav Delay is taking the digital plunge. The vinyl stan has announced that he’s remastered the records on his Ripatti label in preparation for its digital release, which made us wonder why he held out so long and what convinced him to change his mind. It turns out that Delay, who has contributed to some of our favorite labels (Chain Reaction, Mille Plateaux, Raster-Noton, Semantica), has struggled with the challenges that have transformed the music industry since the advent of digital media, and he’s had to compromise certain aspects of his artistic vision in order to remain solvent. We reached out to get his thoughts on the strengths and pitfalls of both mediums and what it takes to make money in the contemporary music industry.

The first and most obvious question is, what made you change your mind?

Seeing the sales reports, basically. I ran out of money to release more vinyl without selling them [digitally].

Why and when did you decide to release your records digitally?

I kept looking at the situation by each release, then hired a press agency to make people aware of the releases and try to sell some copies. When that didn’t change anything, and I reached catalog number 07 and made deep losses, I just had to accept the situation. I kept at it as long as I could, thinking it will pick up eventually, but it didn’t. I can’t keep paying a lot of money to release the music. Zero return would be okay, but not losing more money than I have.

Why were you originally opposed to the idea of releasing digital records?

I really don’t like the digital format. I guess I’m just a simple person and I trust and feel things more when I can see and hold them. The file compression [algorithms used by] major digital [retailers] makes everything sound pretty bad. It’s just too simplistic. And the way it enforces the fast-commodity kind of music consumption, I can’t say I’m a big fan of that.

There are some positive sides to releasing digitally. There’s no endless hassle with pressing vinyls and waiting for delays in production line, so I can release music quite effortlessly. Also, making vinyl sound good is such a big effort, and even then the end results with each listening situation differs quite a bit, so each listener has a different-sounding version, in a way. Digital, at least when listened at high-res formats, allows people to hear the same as I do if their monitoring system is correct, and I like that a lot.

One of the things that was important for me when I started the label was that I could offer something that has value and lasts longer than your hard drive. I never was into vinyl so strongly. I chose the format because I had no other options. I never said vinyl sounds great. It can sound great if you’re very wealthy, but that’s not my average listener, I guess. No fancy high-end turntable set-ups. So, because I’m not attached to vinyl that much, it’s not in principle a big deal to let that go. But practically, that there’s nothing physical anymore is a huge loss.

Whenever the topic of “going digital” comes up, I’m reminded of this Twitter conversation between Aurora Halal, Shawn O’Sullivan, and a few other producers/writers/industry types. I think O’Sullivan’s comments are really interesting, that refusing to release digitally is a way of opposing dominant means of distribution. Was there ever a political element like that to your decision to release only on vinyl? 

No, I never had political ideas about the vinyl or release medium. To be honest, life is too short for me to get into these theories and politics. I’d really rather focus on making the music. I’m not the one trying to change the game or oppose this or that, I’m trying to find a way to do my own thing out there and today’s world apparently asks you to be rather flexible. It makes it hard to create longevity and a body of work though. But yeah, the focus is content now, not the packaging.

(Provided by Electronic Beats by Elissa Stolman about Vladislav Delay )

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RBMA in Tokyo (2014) – Lectures with Untold, Holly Herndon, and Dave Smith


[ – It’s always interesting to see and learn from the lectures of the Red Bull Music Academy. Artists of all persuasions show us experiences, techniques, ways to look at another perspective …. It is with this exchange that we add more to our world, whether artistic or personal.
Derived from all these factors, here are the latest (lectures) made by the great facility, name, Red Bull. Were held in Tokyo recently. For those who like something more, for those looking for the infinity of knowledge, which of course, feeds the soul,
here it IS, with love.]

Currently in session in Tokyo, in-depth lectures from the 2014 edition of Red Bull Music Academy have begun to surface online. Pulled from RBMA’s first round of lengthy conversations is a particularly informative lecture with innovative UK artist and Hemlock label head Untold, who weaves through his catalog and history as a producer, touching on a number of topics along the way. Also recorded during RBMA Tokyo’s ongoing lecture series are interviews with experimental artist and RVNG affiliate Holly Herndon as well as famed synth designer and production-gear pioneer Dave Smith. All three RBMA conversations are available to watch in full below.

This post was provided by XLR8R
(Text by James Eaton)

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SoundDesigners Podcast #47 November Mixed By Markus Masuhr

Podcast 47 Markus Masuhr

Hello everyone,

Another month to get a new set of innovations and developments in our life. With the results, or part of them, the seeds we sow. We have the second month of autumn (Europe), the cold temperature rises despite increasingly be instability secondary to economic interests. Anyway …

This month we invited an artist we admire in the Techno scene, Markus Masuhr of Lepzig, Germany. Fan of Techno and Dubtechno, this podcast presents us with a journey full of sounds that projects in a world with unlimited dimensions, which lost in the hard scenarios like Detroit Techno but  full of hypnotic pad’s, full of vigor. Contemporary techno and full of charm, the selection and wonderful structure built during these 60 minutes.

Markus is not new as these wanderings gives to repair. Besides DJ is also a producer on Techno fields and develops two prestigious publishers. Insectorama (net-label) and Pragmat(12”). Already print quality 12 “in his name, continues the saga, full of potential, exploring sound aesthetically interesting always giving a signature that adds to the world in question.

Come on then traveling with PLAY!

Playlist soon…

Some info/links about Markus Masuhr,

Markus Masuhr (BIO)

From the deep and raw side of techno comes the artist markus masuhr.he lives in leipzig/germany and is the labelboss from the recordlabel “pragmat” and the netlabel “insectorama”. Markus started with electronic music in 1993 with friends at a youth club and illegal parties in Leipzig, he went on spinning techno records till 1997.After a three-year-detour over hip hop – Markus was a DJ of local sound crews – he eventually came back to 4/4 rhythms. Joining various party crews in Leipzig, Markus made himself a name as a highly skilled techno DJ. At the same time, Markus came to appreciate deep and raw techno and following to the dubtechno sound. Till this day, deep and raw techno and dubtechno sound are his main influences. When turning to produce electronic music himself in 2003, he chose to express his versatile style preferences in his own works as well – making tracks and live acts ranging from

deep techno with dub elements to raw techno. in the last years he has published on countless netlabels[insectorama/nulabel/deepindub/tropic…]worldwide. In the middle of the year 2012 starts his own 12inch techno recordlabel “pragmat”.only for his own interpretation of pure deep and raw techno with dubtechno elements. He himself describes his sound as techno that you feel approaching from the rear of the hard but deep with chords echos and delays in a 4/4 pattern dubtechno construct.

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/415206-Markus-Masuhr

Soundcloud(Markus): https://soundcloud.com/markus-masuhr


Site(Insectorama): http://www.insectorama.de

Facebook(Pragmat): https://www.facebook.com/Pragmat

Well…SoundDesigners like always wish a month of November full of good energies and happy conquers to your life!


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Ghostdata LP by Phantom Network SDTG005 (SNiPPETS) Soon…

artworkGhostdata LP SD006

It’s time to add another edition to our catalog on Technogate line. We receive with love a new artist in our crew, Phantom Network (Richard Simmons) with the LP Ghostdata that will come out very soon. Leave snippets here,

SDTG005 Ghost Data LP by Phantom Network

Release text:

Another artist with the SoundDesigners seal of approval is welcomed on board at Technogate.
Based near London, UK, Phantom Network is the alias of Richard Simmons, who makes his debut with the LP, ‘Ghost Data’

There’s no doubt that this work is full of dynamic, delicate tastes, constructed with subtlety, strength, innovation and personality.

With these accolades, it’s clear that we want him in our midst. While travelling with this LP, we can explore many scenarios, either stimulating our imagination, or our feet on the dance floor. With chords often very present in the mix, we can draw a comparison to the deeper side of Techno, Dub Techno and beyond – so ‘Ghost Data’ will appeal to lovers of these types of sonic landscapes. This ghostly information is reflective of, and instructed by the foundation of dance music, which is shared in these 6 themes.
Phantom Network shows in this fantastic LP that he did not come here to play games – but to add something meaningful to our world. If he maintains this balance, we can look forward to what may be around the corner in the future. Hope you enjoy !
Until next time, with much love,

Release date: Real soon…
Mastered by Jorge Caiado

*We would like to get some nice comments for the official release text, so if you share your love with us on the comments, we will publish them !
– and we will send an MP3 Promo.Zip to all those people !!
Until next time friends and have a nice week!

Donato Dozzy + Tin Man “Acid Test 09″ – One of the EP’s of this year so far…(2014).

The Messenger Ka sharing info about bright sounds: Acid test 09, 3 track EP of Donato Dozzy & Tin Man from March of this year on the US Absurd Recordings.

Donato Dozzy + Tin Man – Test 2

Warm and smooth, characterized by deep sounds. These series made by this wonderful double pulls the buildings to a very high level. The existing quality dance filled with layers of depth to a celestial path. Why more?
Travel for these unmissable sounds to add something inspiring to your day full of acid!
These 12″ deserves a permanent place in many bags.
For me, one of the EP’s this year so far!
Well…have a nice trip fellas!

Donato Dozzy + Tin Man – Test 3

Donato Dozzy + Tin Man – Test 9

Messenger Ka with love,
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Charismatic Cities…Charismatic Grooves… The Heat of the Cities! (Part II)

Each city has its energy and identity but when we speak in the dance music inevitably we speak of Detroit, Chicago and Berlin, London, Colonia like majors.
These are the cities that are expressed through the sound of a peculiar and very proper form. The roots of the dance music had started they to grow, spreading over the world around.The Resident Advisor made these sets of wonderful documents that stops who did not have still chance to know these cities, can feel part of the spirit that is lived in them.
SD likes to share all the pieces of visual, sonorous or mere informative information that goes discovering. Always a little bit more deep.
We already post earlier about the cities of Detroit, Berlin and Paris.
So…here it is the other ones about , Tokyo, New York, Bristol and Johannesburg.





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SD Podcast #46 September Mixed By Andrew Duke

Podcast 46 Andrew Duke

Hello everyone,
Here we are another month of September in this case, to expose the work of another artist. We always aim to assist in the dissemination of artists who consider the potential to add something to our world of Dancescene.
It is our policy help those who have potential, always looking to the content instead of the form.
We like to develop that love to the artistic spectrum that is within our reach. Always with eyes on the whole. The better we treat our structure (Dancescene), the better we’ll feel it.
Back to September, a month-end vacation to some, and to others beginning the same.
Summer is still standing and is still able to feel good on it. This month’s guest is an artist who is already quite experienced on the decks.
Apart from Dj and producer from Halifax, Canada, develops a radio show where he shows part of his vision. Always with quality on the platform. We, SD, have immense respect for his work. Not because it looks good in the picture, but because of the musical content that he exposes.
His radio programs have been around since 1987. In this, there’s no joke for sure, but doing what gives him immense pleasure. It’s part of him already, we think. ;)
We leave here the set made for SoundDesigners, and all information relating to Andrew. Hope you like it, spread the word and we wish you a bright month of September, or outside, or inside.
Stay deep and hugs to all,

SD Podcast #46 September Mixed By Andrew Duke


01 Brian James–Kiss The Sun; Kiss The Sun comp (Batti Batti BBR06)
02 Sascha Dive–Jus Groove (Chez Damier rx); Jus Groove (Tsuba 040)
03 Chris Simmonds–No More Talkin; No More Talkin (Cross Section CS146)
04 Brad P–Polyphony Trip; Inner Visions (Inner Shift Music ISM003)
05 Anaxander–Bring My Heart Back; More About These So Called Love Songs (Quintessential QE38)
06 Glenn Underground–Calor (Heat); July 12, 1979 (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic SJUCD004)
07 Outboxx–Denim Dreams; Planet Love (Local Talk LT045)
08 Jimini–Get Down (unreleased)
09 Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana–Movement; Movement (Moods & Grooves MG-052)
10 Mateo & Matos–Mysteries Of The Rhythm; The Deep Koncepts Of New York (Nervous NE 20282)
11 2DeepSoul–Power; Mood Sync (Yore YRE-030)
12 Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt 1–Views And Visions; Watch Them (Chiwax 11)
13 Niko Marks–Sin Ducker; Conduit (U2X 055)
14 Innershades–Nina (Tuff City Kids rx); Innershades rxs (Creme Organization CR12-72R)
15 Nubian Mindz–See Hear Feel (unreleased)
16 Above Smoke–Upset; Jazzt Me (Fear Of Flying FOF???)
17 Fabio Papa–Chords For The Winter (Roberto Figus rx); Grind (Etichetta Nera ENDGT028)
18 Rick Wade–Creeper; Creeper (Minimood Extra 004)
19 Joe Smooth–Disco Acid; Acid Revolution Vol 2 comp (TecSoul Deep TS002)
20 Deep88–Believe In You ft Robert Owens (Dadame rx); Believe In You (12 Records 12R09)
21 Mr. Fingers–Can You Feel It; Washing Machine/Can You Feel It (Trax TX127)
22 DJ Deep & Jovonn–Back In The Dark (inst); Back In The Dark (Distance Di1766)
23 Barce–Magnetic (unreleased)
24 Terrence Dixon–To The Bridge; Two Worlds split w Fred P (Finale Sessions 022)
25 Melodymann–The Hold Up (Titonton Duvante rx); The Hold Up (Melodymathics Ltd OOS001)
26 Gemini–If You Got To Believe In Something
27 Octo Octa–Where Did You Go?; Where Did You Go?/Through The Haze (Argot 009)

Andrew Duke:
Here iit s him Discogs text:

His music is consistently referred to by the media and listeners alike as presenting a unique and distinct sound. Wrote The Wire magazine (UK, September 2002): “Andrew Duke creates music that sounds like it has a reason for living”. His Sprung album (released on France’s Bip-Hop label in 2002) was nominated for Album of the Year (Electronica) at the 2003 annual Canadian Independent Music Awards. He has been commissioned for numerous remixes (for artists such as Aaliyah, Pink Floyd, and Chicks On Speed), has licensed tracks to many compilations, and toured his live PA across Canada.

(On the website, you have all the links to enjoy his work.)

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