Richard Devine (live modular rig) @Berklee College of Music (04/10/14)

Richard Devine is an American electronic musician and sound designer whose music, characterized by complex rhythms and heavy use of DSP, gained popularity among IDM fans after remixing Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy”. As sound designer he’s done patches for gears by Korg, Native instruments, Clavia, Eventide and more.
Here is an excerpt from Crossing Wires: An Evening with Richard Devine.

SWEETWATER – GEARFEST 2015 – The Inventors of Synth (Roger Linn, Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim)

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This post is for people who are interested in technology related to music, in this case in synthesizers, by its history and other drift. It is a seminar on GEARFEST(US) 2015 produced by SWEETWATER, who invited the great artists behind the large existing machines on the market and were in history for its unique characteristics.
If interested you, nothing better than to see the video and hear the masters,
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SWEETWATER – GEARFEST 2015 – The Inventors of Synth (Roger Linn, Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim)

Synthesizers In The Movies

Synthesizers in the Movies,
is an hour-long documentary that looks at the history of synthesizers and electronic instruments being used on film soundtracks.

The video comes from a three-part BBC documentary series, Sound of Cinema: The Music That Changed The Movies. Composer Neil Brand hosts the series.

The documentary features some great examples of electronic and synthesized film scores. The highlights, though, are the composer interviews and the historic footage of them at work.

Video summary:

Synthesizers In The Movies

Neil tells the story of how the 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet ended up with a groundbreaking electronic score that blurred the line between music and sound effects, and explains why Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds has one of the most effective soundtracks of any of his films – despite having no music. He shows how electronic music crossed over from pop into cinema with Midnight Express and Chariots of Fire, while films like Apocalypse Now pioneered the concept of sound design – that sound effects could be used for storytelling and emotional impact.

Neil tracks down some of the key composers behind these innovations to talk about their work, such as Vangelis (Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner), Carter Burwell (Twilight, No Country for Old Men) and Clint Mansell (Requiem for a Dream, Moon).
(info by Synthopia)


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SoundDesigners Podcast #50 May Mixed By Ocralab

Podcast 50 Ocralab

Hello All,

After some time without the podcast’s edition, we return back again with new rotations. No, the SD is not over, simply is a part-time phase due to the higher order of events.
May is the month that now begins, and nothing better than an inspiration for itself.
The artist that we present this month, is from Potenza, Italy, with Ocralab alter-ego. Besides working on dj format, he is also a producer within the Ambient / Dubtechno spectrum.
For us, developing a very successful work, marking with charisma in the sonic platform. No doubt that Ocralab can carry you to the other side. Nothing better than you to confirm. I leave you with our friend Rocco Biscione.
See you on the next time,

SoundDesigners Podcast #50 May Mixed by Ocralab by Sounddesigners Records on Mixcloud



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Ocralab Perlucidus
Hans Zimmer Atmospheric Entry
Volunteer Crumbs Untitled A

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Synth Cave with Alessandro Cortini

Well, you saw the title, to describe what, if you can see with your own eyes.
By the way…i love this fuc*ing cave!

Alessandro Cortini – In The Synth Cave Part 1

Alessandro Cortini – In The Studio Part 2

Alessandro Cortini – Fire Up The Buchla Part 3

SD…to feed the soul!