Model 500 (Juan Atkins, “Mad” Mike Banks, DJ Skurge, Mark Taylor) – Full Live (Astropolis festival, Le Quartz, Brest, France)

Hello guys,

Dropping in this post a recent performance of the Model 500 ((Juan Atkins, “Mad” Mike Banks, DJ Skurge, Mark Taylor) in France, January 2015. For those who like the theme “Detroit”, here is one of the great creators and pioneers in electronic music with his crew.
Enjoy and see you soon,

MODEL 500 (Full Live)

Some insights with…RA

Who don’t need some ideas to inspire, to keep moving and follow up the stairs?
Well, i need. See new things to re-think, to re-shape my performance with tendencies, with creativity and originality. The other artists that have structure help me to do that.
I hope that with you too.
I drop here some fresh videos of Resident Advisor covering some great artists.
Until next time,

RA Sessions:Magic Mountain High – Soundcheck Improv Jam

RA Sessions: Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz & Dan Berglund – Movement 11 / Mozart Balls


Ghost Data LP by Phantom Network (SDTG005) is OUT NOW!

artworkGhostdata LP SD006

Another edition with the SoundDesigners stamp inside our Technogate line. An artist from London who debuts in our team. The UK Richard Simmons with the alias Phantom Network on the LP called Ghost Data. No doubt that this work is full of good, dynamic, delicate taste, subtlety, strength, innovation and personality. After these accolades, clear that we want this kind in our midst. While traveling on this LP, you can move in many scenarios either in stimulating our imagination either on the dance floor. Chords with the very present, flew on a carpet mainly be Deep Dub techno and beyond. It is very appealing to lovers of this type of landscapes. This ghost information can be reflective and instructed of foundation of dance, whether that is shed in this 6 themes. Phantom Network shows in this fantastic LP that did not come here to play but to add something to our world. Always with the balance this need not forgetting what may come around in the near future. Hope you enjoy! Until next, with strong love SoundDesigners.

Promo Video

Release date: 07.01.2015
Mastered by Jorge Caiado

VIDEO-Courtesy by Aixelent.

If you like it, support US and buy,


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SoundDesigners Podcast #49 January Mixed By Pal +

Podcast 49

Hello everyone,
Here we are again for another monthly podcast.
I hope you spent a happy holidays and have had a good New Year’s Eve to start.
Temperatures in Portugal are very low but always get up motivation to develop what one likes.
Our guest for the 1st 2015 podcast, January, is a Portuguese artist, already with some work done and some editions in vinyl at One Eyed Jacks .
Fascinated by synthesizers and machines that produce sound, Pal +, name Fernando Silva, also moves into areas such as House, Techno and more.
In this set created by Pal +, we can make a journey through musical corners cherished by him, organic, irregular and other interesting details that are quite pleasant to enjoy.
We recommend this lust to start these first days of 2015 with something that makes us think of anything more to add to our wonderful world.
Have an amazing year of 2015, all of you,
See you soon…


01. CFCF – Oil (Ghostly Internacional)
02. Pal+ – Grand Canyon (Unreleased)
03. Tevo Howard – Age Of Compassion (Aera Recompassion Mix) (Buzzin¥Fly Records)
04. Dj Koze – Cicely (Philpot)
05. Kreidler – Fandorin (Wonder)
06. Arsen Gedik – Neptune (Musical Touch Sound)
07. The Durutti Column – Silence (Faktory)
08. Pal+ – The Ice Palace (Unreleased)
09. The Art Of Noise – Fairlight In The Being (ZTT)
10. AFX – Cuckoo (Rephlex)
11. Ametsub – Cloudsfall (Nothings66)

Pal + Links:

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Inspirational Moments

Some videos to inspire, expand and absorb energy.
SD love,

Kink Vs. Sierra Sam

Bulgarian producer and outboard gear junky KiNK recently teamed up with likeminded Belgian producer Sierra Sam in Berlin’s famed Watergate club for an exclusive improvised live set.


“I really am a fan of originality. It is quite noticeable with transistors. Even transistors that have been built for twenty, thirty years and are still being built, that have the same name and suffix and the same values, they sound different.”

Leaf Audio

a Leipzig-based audio production company, demonstrates the art of building your own gear, step-by-step. Self-taught himself, Richter runs regular workshops showing newbies how to build synths and effects boxes using a circuit board, soldering iron and the most basic of technical knowledge. The results, exemplified by Richter’s own TR 808 Bassdrum, are pretty impressive.

Virgo Four

“We are not trying to be super visual faces, we don’t necessarily want that part…”

Alexander Robotnick

Maurizio Dami is one of those producers that can honestly say “Been there, done that”. The Italian musician has been releasing music since the ’80s under his moniker Alexander Robotnick, and his cult track “Problèmes D’Amour” helped shape the sound of house music and Italo disco.
“(In the past days of music production) you couldn’t change everything later,”
“You needed a clear idea about your work—once it was recorded, it was recorded, no chance to change it.”

James Holden Live in Budapest 2014

Here you can watch him fiddle with his gear setup and crank out “Blackpool Late 80s,” “The Caterpillar’s Intervention,” and “Renata” alongside his percussionist. Let the prog momentum, kraut-y synths, and supple beats carry you away.

CARIBOU live in Vienna (2014)

Watch CARIBOU perform “Your Love Will Set You Free”, “Can’t Do Without You” and “Sun” live in Festival in Vienna (18 October 2014)

METRO AREA live in Vienna (2013)

Watch METRO AREA perform “Dance Reaction” and “Caught Up” live.

When Saints Go Machine live in Vienna (2013)

(all by Electronic Beats)

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SoundDesigners Podcast #48 December Mixed By Owen Ni

Podcast 48

Hello everyone,

Another month, another podcast with a guest artist in the lands of SounddDesigners.
Another American artist to turn the focus to the Techno, like many dj’s living informed who do not like to hold a music genre, has the price that has. More important than all this is like what we do, but that does not mean surrender of other musical genres. Simply setting up one set more richer, more complex to articulate, to maintain the high quality parameters. Owen is one of those artists.
Has signed on labels such as Pong Music, instabilities, Hipnotic Room among others.
You can see more in the links below.
For now, just the play, to better understand the sounds of our friend Owen…

Owen Ni links:


This month is December, and it could not be, we would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and good entries in this new year that will enter.

See you guys in next year!!
Strong love,