Echologist – Subterranean Album previews (SFV10CD)

Born at South Africa and now living in New York,Brendon Moeller, aka Echologist and Beat Pharmacy needs no introduction. His work with numerous fine labels such as Francois K’s Deep Space Media, Ann Aimee, Rekids, Mule, Echocord, Third Ear, Electric Deluxe, Ostgut Ton, to mention but a few, speaks for itself. Whether it be serious dancefloor bizniz, or dubbed out bass-scapes and experimentalism, his music has always possesses a quality and signature that continues to captivate a worldwide audience. This is his seventh full length album.
Subterranean is a deeply narcotic listening experience. Subtly evolving atmospheres, hypnotic sub-basslines, reverb-soaked drones and lush vibrating textures abound. All elements possess their own pulse and cadence, but stay in sync to create an otherworldly sub-aquatic experience.

The album gently ebbs and flows as exquisite modulations and articulations create a mesmerizing ambience that is at times as propulsive as it is passive. Minimal without being cliched, dubby without being played-out, repetitive without being dull. This is not music to be analyzed, it is to be felt, both physically via the bass tones and emotionally via the haunting ambience. Seemingly endless, the meditative soundscapes here are not merely indolence but rather a quest for the feverish outer limits of spacious bliss. Shoegaze techno? Perhaps.
Text by philipp hofmann

This album reveals just a little bit of his work so…here is one video of (Mainline)Echochord to see other strong lines.
Brendon is exploring like other artists, the struture to put Deep/Dub/Techno tracks on the dancefloor.


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