Shows SD

4 of June and we have one more showcase. Lovely! The place is Jardim da Estrela(Lisboa), open air space. This time we have more showtime, it starts at 17h until 22h.
On our next EP, the 2nd, the artists is Djazzy on ‘Bug Bites’ with a remix by Dirk Leyers. Sweet!

So the line-up will be in that order. First we have a spanish friend, Sergelectric. He is here in Lisbon at few months and yes…is a lover of this culture. Serge gone start at 17h until 18h to show us some vibes, then PeteBlas is the 2nd one from 18h until 20h with new deep rhytms. To finish…Djazzy, he already sign with labels like Buzzin’fly,Stir,US(SD) and many more…

We invite you to enjoy some sweet journeys with our music!!

SoundDesigners showcase


20/22h Djazzy(Buzzin’fly/Stir/SD)
18/20h PeteBlas(SPM/Ferrispark/SD)
17/18h Sergelectric(with an eye on him)

Promo for the showcase:

SD…to feed the soul


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