Underground Resistance’s classic EPs edited, remastered and soon to be reissued

‘Journey Of The Dragons’ (1993)

Underground Resistance have remastered the “most essential” tracks of five classic double-packs from their catalogue and will issue them as single 12″ EPs this year.

The EPs in question – Galaxy 2 Galaxy [aka Hi Tech Jazz] (UR025, 1993), Dark Energy (UR029, 1994), Electronic Warfare (UR033, 1995), The Turning Point (UR042, 1997) and Interstellar Fugitives (UR045, 1998) – form the backbone of UR’s huge contribution to Detroit techno, but getting hold of original copies in decent condition is an expensive business these days.

Long-brewing plans to re-press the records were scuppered when Ron Murphy, ‘Mad’ Mike Banks’ favoured cutting engineer and a Motor City legend in his own right, passed away three years ago. Thankfully Banks has now forged a relationship with Dietrich Schoenemann and his Complete Mastering studio, resulting in the four new reduced versions of the aforementioned EPs.

According to an official UR statement: “A full three years after Ron’s death and after thousands of fan requests Mike finally enlisted the services of Complete Mastering, owned and operated by Dietrich Schoenemann. Dietrich, inspired by Ron Murphy and a UR fan, respected these records and skilfully remastered and cut new acetates for them, giving them the sonic justice they deserved as pivotal pieces of a globally respected catalog.

“For those of you who own the original double-packs: we thank you for being there on the frontlines under fire, and you truly own something of value as the double-packs will not be produced again.”

You’re advised to keep an eye on the Submerge website, where release info will be posted soon.
(info by factmag 23/06/2011)

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