Delta Funktionen podcast 144

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An artist close to our idea of electronic music, without the geographical roots that we love the madness, cities like Detroit, Chicago and Den Haag, which marked the existence of Niels Luinenburg, alias Delta Funktionen.
A series of productions always very valid in between techno and electro for Ann Aimee Records, an offshoot of what we have learned to venerate Delsin long. A DJ set that puts the hands of the vinyl, just like we like it, with a selection that digs deep to give us a long time to devote to listening.
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To start you can tell us how you approached the art of music production and DJing?

At age 15 I started composing beats and loops with Reason. Nothing serious second thoughts, but it was still something that needed to pass the time. Later I met Damian Keane and Dave Miller of Audiosculpture records, they were my real mentors and taught me a lot of music production. The things that influenced me most in the beginning were from England and were the likes of Surgeon, Regis, James Ruskin, Steve Bicknell and Luke Slater.

Around 2004 I also started playing as a DJ in pubs operated by Damian and I used Ableton, but as soon as I got out my first production I decided to switch to vinyl. I also worked in a large record store in my hometown, Leeuwarden, the place is called Deeptrax Records, there was a lot of old stuff from Detroit and Chicago and I must say that this has caught my eye permanently.

It ‘was truly unique opportunity, because it is a very isolated Leeuwarden in the Netherlands and then away from each movement, just think, to hear some good artist, I always had to make long journeys to Amsterdam or other cities. Then I have to say that working at this store I could spend everything I earned on those discs that I own the store! I think that you can feel in our DJ sets. To date, my research is still active to find pearls to play in the dancefloor.

How would you define / describe the music you love to propose?

I like to talk about my style as a “serious game” is basically made of stuff that comes from Detroit, Chicago and Den Haag.This is honest music and original that it is techno, electro or house both old and new. The challenge is always to be able to combine all these influences trying to create a single stream.
I always prefer to try to take risks rather than simply make a mixture of creativity and free. As for my productions, I respect what sound DJ set, I only do what I like without paying much attention to the genera.
Sometimes it may be more techno electro other, that every time I try to do is to put the balls!

Could you describe your setup in the studio? With what you produce music today?

It ‘a set of hardware and software, use some of Roland drum machines, synthesizers and effects such as Yamaha and Alesis Mindverb Boss Space Echo. Using Ableton as a sequencer and some other VST effects.

Where you’ve recorded a podcast? And what can you tell us about?

I recorded this mix in my home studio in Berlin with two turntables and a mixer. This contains a lot ‘of tracks that I played during the year.It is basically an idea of ​​how I would deal with the night but compressed into 76 minutes.

What are you working now?

We (I, Marcel and Maarten Delsin) finishing up work on the compilation of Inertia Ann Aimee. The first two EPs have already come out while the three and four coming soon. The mix-cd released in January instead. Then I’m ‘working on more remixes and other tracks which I still can not tell you much.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration?

Electronic music & culture in general …


01. convextion – oil on metal
02. samuli kemppi – massa
03. marcelus – shape
04. myles sergé – transitional man
05. terrence dixon – digital domain
06. marcellus pittman – the mad underdog
07. basic soul unit – flying through the fog
08. steve summers – different paths
09. levon vincent – man or mistress
10. terrence dixon – return of the speaker people (kausto’s sudden aphasia)
11. jtc – recall
12. unknow – white label
13. the other people place – let me be me
14. microthol – acid bosons (marco passarani remix)
15. mondo – work me baby
16. analog fingerprints – hall
17. the exaltics – one circle
18. keith tucker – detroit saved my soul

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