Tribute to Basic Channel

While much of what’s considered classic can start to sound clunky or dated too many years later, Basic Channel’s output sounds surprisingly fresh, even ahead of the curve, well over a decade after its original release. Many of these tracks make a lot of what passes for modern dub techno sound tame and unadventurous in comparison.
After setting up shop in 1993, the duo began releasing a series EPs, available only on vinyl. With releases like the brutal “Enforcement” (boasting a remix by Jeff Mills) and “Phylyps Trak”, the group announced a radical new intent – stripping the techno sound that was developing in Berlin down to the most raw, reduced form possible, while incorporating the techniques and sound palette of dub music producers from the 60s and 70s.
Basic Channel’s music stripped the techno sound that was developing in Berlin down to the most raw, reduced form possible, while incorporating the techniques and sound palette of dub.
While these cuts were both ready made for the dancefloor with their pounding beats and endlessly echoing chords, “Lyot Remix” (a Basic Channel remake of a track by fellow German artist Vainqueur) showed a even more intriguing side of the band – taking the catchy, narcotic riff of the original, as well as the beat of the track, and completely submerging it while bringing strange, tweaked sounds to the fore.
Basic Channel released 9 EPs in this format, identifiable only by their famous logo, while grew more and more distorted and unreadable with each release. As they were also concerned with audio engineering and mastering, the duo created a recording studio in Berlin, which would eventually morph into a full-fledged mastering studio, Dubplates & Mastering, now known as the best in the industry. The building would also come to house legendary record shop Hard Wax.

With the recent resurgence in interest in dub techno, it seems like a fitting time to revisit the works of the godfathers of the genre. Despite legions of imitators, Basic Channel remain the undisputed masters of this subgenre, and certainly one of the most influential techno groups of all time. Nat Alexander offers up this DJ mix featuring several classic Basic Channel-affiliated tracks, including a rare collaboration with Juan Atkins as Model 500. He also throws in several tracks from newer artists that owe a clear debt to the group, such as Pole and Redshape.

Mix by Nat Alexander Tribute to Basic Channel


Luke Hess Real to Real
Young Set Moment
Maurizio M5
Convextion Miranda (Echospace Remix)
Quadrant Infinition
Substance & Vainqueur Surface
Maurizio M6
Model 500 Starlight
Domina Domina (Maurizio Mix)
Substance & Vainqueur Emerge 0 (Edit)
Pole Düsseldorf (The Mike Huckaby S Y N T H Remix)
Phylyps Trak II
Redshape Plush
Phylyps Trak II
Elektrabel Popis 18b
Schizophrenia Schizophrenia

SoundDesigners as a big fan of Dubtechno and Basic Channel leave this post/mix here just for you!!
Enjoy and keep burning,
SD Love,


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