Fragment: Mikkel Metal

Hello guys,

Like fans of Mikkel Metal, here it is one recent video about his latest releases and his relationship with contemporary music technology.

A small introduction of Mikkel:

Prior to becoming one of the better torch carriers for the Basic Channel school of minimalist dubby techno, Mikkel Meldgaard was playing guitar in a number of shoegaze-inspired rock bands in his native Denmark. His interests became increasingly electronics-based, and by the end of 2000 he had his first productions as Mikkel Metal out on Hal 9000. After an MP3 release for Datamusik, he became a flagship producer for the Echocord label, in addition to releasing a pair of 12″ for Kompakt during 2003. After operating solely with the 12″ format, he stepped out in 2005 with the full-length Close Selections (Echocord), which was followed by 2006’s Victimizer (Kompakt) and 2007’s Brone and Wait (Echocord).
This is just a bit, check the video to know more about him…



(info by AIAIAI)
SD Love,


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