MAESTRO – the history of housemusic and club culture

A movie about dance music history, oldschool housemusic
and club culture like the legendary Paradise Garage, DJ Larry Levan, The Loft, The Gallery, Frankie Knuckles, David Mancuso.

We pick this video because is very interesting, tells the story about Larry Levan and the 1st Club appearing that makes a big boom that starts the underground move.

Some info about Larry Levan,
Larry Levan (born Lawrence Philpot, July 20, 1954 – November 8, 1992)
was a DJ best known for his decade-long residency at the New York City night club Paradise Garage, which has been described as the prototype of the modern dance club. He developed a cult following who referred to his sets as “Saturday Mass”. Influcial US DJ François Kevorkian credits Levan with introducing the Dub aesthetic into dance music. Along with Kevorkian, Levan experimented with drum machines and synthesizers in his productions and live sets, ushering in an electronic, Post-Disco sound that presaged the ascendence of House Music

Well…check out much more details with the play ON!! Enjoy!!

To feed the soul…


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