Hear the Set that Got DJ Shadow Kicked Off the Decks in Miami

Nice article that SD decide to share.
(via XLR8R)

A few weeks before the New Year rang in, turntable/production pioneer DJ Shadow was cut short(YT video below) while behind the decks at Miami’s Mansion nightclub for being, as Shadow put it, “too future.” Now, the veteran jock has made the infringing set available for all to hear. As it turns out, what was “too future” for Mansion is in fact a genre-hopping mix of modern hip-hop, trap, Miami bass, and even a bit of footwork, all pieced together with Shadow’s signature—and ceaselessly impressive—turntable skills. You can stream the almost 90-minute set below and head here to read the nightclub’s apology for pulling the plug on one of this generation’s greatest turntablists. (via FACT)

Check in this video: Only 20 minutes into his set DJ Shadow gets kicked off the decks for not playing commercial enough at Mansion in Miami

Unfortunately, this happen in many places in these days because of Bar/Club owners that dont understand a shit about music and doesnt even respect the artists. Sad but true.

SD…to feed the soul!


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