Echospace Mix


Like full lovers of Echospace work, make all the sense post this amazing mix only with their releases.

The man’s behind Echospace are the great Rod Modell/Deepchord and Steve Hitchell/Soultek, so the artists that already sign with are Bvdub, m50, Mike Huckaby, Model 500, Intrusion, STL and others, all of them with a very peculiar sound signature, mostly inside of this world of dub/space dimension music.

Well…don’t hesitate, just put play and get in in this amazing dimension!!

SD…to feed the soul!


2 thoughts on “Echospace Mix

  1. Hey guys, thanks for posting this mix, I did it in 2009 and it keeps on popping up around the web, so thanks for pushing it for me!

    If people like this mix then they can go to my Soundcloud page here:

    which has the All Echospace Mix 2 and some of my production.

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