Disorganized Thoughts EP ✪ Substak ✪ SD Techno Gate 003 ✪ is OUT NOW!

Substak ep SDTG003

The 3rd release/EP with Substak, featuring remixes by PeteBlas & Sonitus Eco.

The 3rd EP of SoundDesigners Techno Gate plays raw/roots/deep/techno scenes. in this EP, Substak brings to us some simplicity. Remembering that less is more, “Hard times” have some singular mess. The Beat in Pan mode puts the base of the track in a soft platform, but the crazy acid loop and the rim put us at the time of 303 and 808 Redrum machines, the classical raw square sound that doesn’t stop lopping make a fun contrast and reveals originality. The 2nd track “Distorced Deepness” starts with that rhythm loop and brings again the acid sounds. Just a small acid rain puts the spirit alive.The fresh deep pad gives a nice harmony that runs without stop 1 more time leaving you in the madness of this distorted hot feel. “Confusion” is a deep dark structure that you listen with smoothness until the end in a danceable way. The remixes fulfill this EP with sharps. PeteBlas gives an extended mode in a deep way using the high frequency melody of the original one with some deep dub chords delayed, the strong baseline gives some energy pulse to the track that puts the hypnotic feel in the air.Sonitus Eco use the same loop but with a melodic/acid/analog/techno/emotion drama in the scene. All the Redrum Techno elements are there, the Rides play a nice role, the toms give power to the structure, the repeating claps and the non stop moving hit hat’s brigs a sweet raw texture to the track. For the Techno/Raw lovers, this EP in a hot roll.

Check the Amazing visual work made by Aixelent to this EP. Dropping here “Confusion” and remixes. ENJOY!!

Substak “Confusion” SD Techno Gate

Substak “Confusion (PeteBlas Remix)” SD Techno Gate

Substak “Confusion (Sonitus Eco Remix)” SD Techno Gate

Visuals by Aixelent

Disorganized Thoughts EP
Tracks order:

1. Hardtimes
2. Distorced Deepness
3. Confusion
4. Confusion (PeteBlas mix)
5. Confusion (Sonitus Eco mix)

Buy it Here

Mastered by Jorge Lima
Released by: SoundDesigners Techno Gate
Release/catalogue number: SDTG003
Release date: April 24, 2013

SD…to feed the soul


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