Deep Space Series Vol.1 Pre-Release @ Beatport Today!

SDTG004 - Deep Space Series Vol.1 SoundDesigners Techno Gate

Welcome a board to another edition in sub-label of SoundDesigners, SD Techno Gate. The idea for this compilation borns into a burning desire for a specific aesthetic that evokes the space, the chords full of reverb and delay, the ever present fog opening the door of the unknown, the strong emotions that can arise through a strong current that leads us to the north and follows the path believing it will reach the destination loved. Poetic and true this saga that dazzles Dub Techno, Deep, Techno.

We invited 12 artists, 12 signatures, 12 lives that intersect in this atmosphere specifies dance music. Some artists to tread the soil of SD for the 1st time, editing cuts us wonderful. Others have more contextualized, and it creates Deep Space Series Vol.1. A compilation that already has life and will be confined to the dash, space, and their boundaries in the context Techno music.


Release date @ all digital stores: 24/10

SD…to feed the soul!


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