WetYourSelf!: Kenneth Christianisen’s WYS! Promo Mix & Interview With Jacob Husley


Not only does Kenneth Christianisen spend the best part of his time slicing though the perimeters of every European musical hotspot across the circuit but he also is at the helm of two record labels – Echocord and Echocord Colour, providing a creative platform for a string of superlative talent. Oh, and he also manages and co owns Culture Box, one of Copenhagen’s most cardinal clubbing haunts. It’s safe to say that Kenneth is a busy man but he very kindly managed to find the time to chat to Jacob Husley from the WetYourSelf! clan as well as delivering a promo mix before his appearance on Sunday 1st December. Listen and download in the player below…

Hey Kenneth, we’re very excited for your upcoming date with us at WetYourSelf! at fabric.
I’m looking forward to playing for you again and coming back to Room One at fabric for WYS!

You have been a DJ for many years, when and where was your first gig, and what did you play ?
My first gig was in an old Barn in the countryside, south of Denmark, close to where I grew up. We were a small crowd of people who were interested in Techno at that time. It was in 1991, 100 people showed up, very funny. In 1996 I had my first gig in Copenhagen, that was a big thing for me, a few years later I moved to Copenhagen.

My first gig outside of Denmark was in 1999, in the old WMF club in Berlin for a label called Scape. I will never forget that…

You own and run Culture Box in Denmark, which is renowned as the best club in Denmark (2013 Culture Box recently won “Best Danish Club” at DDJA for the fifth time), and very highly regarded amongst DJ’s around the world. What have been the stand out nights/ moments this year?
I’ve rrn the club Culture Box with my friend Loke, for almost 9 years now. Without all the amazing people/staff/friends around us this could never have happened. This year has been very special I think, really good nights and a very good, dedicated crowd. We have more and more people travelling to Copenhagen to see the club, that’s really nice.

Uhh we had many “stand out nights” this year. I think for me, the biggest experience was to have Laurent Garnier here again. He is really one of my true legends, hanging out with him talking about life, and off course listen to him is magic. Jeff Mills was also amazing. And actually last weekend, I did the warm-up myself, then Luke Hess who is also releasing on my labels did a live-set, and Levon Vincent closed. That was pretty special.

What is the status of the electronic scene in Copenhagen at the moment, how do you feel it has changed over the years?
The scene has changed a lot, like everywhere I guess. I started to do events in Copenhagen in 1998 with friends, mostly in old warehouses and clubs. At that time there was not really anything else like this going on, so every time it was very special. When Loke and I decided to open Culture Box in 2005/2006, we really felt there was nothing else in Copenhagen, but after some years many places popped up with electronic music. We also have many electronic festivals now in Copenhagen.

What new talent/artist coming out of Denmark should we watch out for?
I think we have a lot of new talents here, Lasse Buhl and the Northern Structures, I really think is amazing, Lasse also did and Ep for Echocord Colour recently.

Tell us about your productions, what are you working on at the moment, what releases are in the pipeline, and also what is coming up on your labels?
There are a lot of releases coming up. On Echocord there will be a new EP by XDB which includes a remix from Philogresz, and a new album by Fluxion beginning next year. On Echocord Colour, a new EP by Deadbeat, Beat Pharmacy aka Brendon Moeller and an EP by Roberto Clementi from Italy.

Tell us about pattern repeat ?
The Pattern Repeat project I started with my good friend Dennis some years ago. Dennis aka Resoe also runs the label Baum, and he is also releasing on Echocord. We have known each other for many years, and we have also been working in a record shop together. We both have same taste of music, and one day in his studio we started to do some stuff. Suddenly we have made some tracks, and we came up with the idea to start a project together, Pattern Repeat, which is a label and a duo. It’s a while ago since we have released anything, as we simply haven’t got the time, but hopefully soon there will be a new EP coming out.

Being a club owner, DJ, producer label owner and a dad, how do you make time for everything, and what do you do to relax?
Yes, that’s also difficult sometimes, but I think it’s getting easier over the years. It’s really about planning your time and having a lot of good people around you. I run 3 – 4 times a week which helps me a lot. It gives me a lot of energy and helps me to focus. I always try to do 2 – 3 half marathons a year. When I relax I prefer to be with my kids, I love to be at my parents place in the countryside by the waterfront. Or to chill with my lovely girlfriend and watch a good movie.

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