13th birthday party ELEMENTS (12/13 of July, Coimbra)

Elements pedra aguda

Hello guys,

I’m announcing the Mini-Festival that will take place in Coimbra, conducted by the Elements. Celebrates 13 years of pure struggle, love and search of sounds that complement the expression of our desires on the dance floor. The dance, the feelings, the design of a series of ideas that are revealed in our mind of a holistic manner. There are several phrases that bring us closer to the truth, our truth, when we sweat and project our strength, to dance, to feel the life, when the music takes us to this point. But even the best phrases can not match , or describe in full what it feels like life, in such an intense way, in these moments.
A little bit of Philosophy is good to the health of the mind. Don’t you think? lol
Anyway…if you are here in Portugal, you can go to Coimbra, know the city/culture and enjoy the party in a marvelous place @ PEDRUGA.
I’m excited, I will play like PeteBlas(if you don’t know) and the space is wonderful. The line-up is appealing with Brando Lupi like Headliner.
Let’s go!
I leave here the recent PODcast of Brando Lupi.
I hope see you there, in the ELECTRONIC_GARDEN!
Love guys,


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