Inspirational Moments

Some videos to inspire, expand and absorb energy.
SD love,

Kink Vs. Sierra Sam

Bulgarian producer and outboard gear junky KiNK recently teamed up with likeminded Belgian producer Sierra Sam in Berlin’s famed Watergate club for an exclusive improvised live set.


“I really am a fan of originality. It is quite noticeable with transistors. Even transistors that have been built for twenty, thirty years and are still being built, that have the same name and suffix and the same values, they sound different.”

Leaf Audio

a Leipzig-based audio production company, demonstrates the art of building your own gear, step-by-step. Self-taught himself, Richter runs regular workshops showing newbies how to build synths and effects boxes using a circuit board, soldering iron and the most basic of technical knowledge. The results, exemplified by Richter’s own TR 808 Bassdrum, are pretty impressive.

Virgo Four

“We are not trying to be super visual faces, we don’t necessarily want that part…”

Alexander Robotnick

Maurizio Dami is one of those producers that can honestly say “Been there, done that”. The Italian musician has been releasing music since the ’80s under his moniker Alexander Robotnick, and his cult track “Problèmes D’Amour” helped shape the sound of house music and Italo disco.
“(In the past days of music production) you couldn’t change everything later,”
“You needed a clear idea about your work—once it was recorded, it was recorded, no chance to change it.”

James Holden Live in Budapest 2014

Here you can watch him fiddle with his gear setup and crank out “Blackpool Late 80s,” “The Caterpillar’s Intervention,” and “Renata” alongside his percussionist. Let the prog momentum, kraut-y synths, and supple beats carry you away.

CARIBOU live in Vienna (2014)

Watch CARIBOU perform “Your Love Will Set You Free”, “Can’t Do Without You” and “Sun” live in Festival in Vienna (18 October 2014)

METRO AREA live in Vienna (2013)

Watch METRO AREA perform “Dance Reaction” and “Caught Up” live.

When Saints Go Machine live in Vienna (2013)

(all by Electronic Beats)

SD…to feed the soul!


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