“Magic Potion The Remixes” by Owen Ni is OUT NOW!

“Magic Potion The Remixes” by Owen Ni

Magic Potion The Remixes

Welcome again to another release of SoundDesigners Techno Gate.
This time the artist from the main track for the remixes is from the United States, more properly Alabama.
Then we just spin the world and we got 4 remixers from Portugal, Canada, Brazil and Croatia.
Every artist have his own world and is in that scope that we look and appreciate in this Magic Potion, The Remixes EP.
The platform that we ear in this EP is Techno with various extensions, and the same are from Overcast Sound, Maryan Kitsenko, Prism Shine Technology and PeteBlas.
5 different versions, 5 tracks, to pursue what we love and feel with the power of music!

Tracks Order:

1.Magic Potion (Original Mix)
2.Magic Potion (Overcast Sound Remix)
3.Magic Potion (PeteBlas Remix)
4.Magic Potion (Prism Shine Technology Remix)
5.Magic Potion (Mar’yan Kitsenko Remix)

Buy it Here

Mastered by Jorge Lima
Released by: SoundDesigners Techno Gate
Release/catalogue number: SDTG006
Release date: April 15, 2016

SD…to feed the soul


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