Podcast #53 December Mixed by R&R


Hi everyone, welcome to one more episode of our podcasts. Firts lets talk about this moment in time, we are in a holiday season, and at this time we have a corner of our heart with open doors to love, compassion, and solidarity, and it is extremely positive when we practice these attitudes benefiting someone’s happiness. With this message I intend to convey the courage to do it serenely and with a head held high, because it only enriches us as people, human beings.
Moving on to the podcast this month we traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to find R & R, a live project founded by Stefan Wyeth, which acts as a live band, in addition to the strong side that House has, also cover other genres that do not Electronic music.
Well, stay tunned and lets listen it!
I hope you enjoy ….

R&R comments:

As an avid music listener, purveyor and curator, I have always collected music from all sources both physical and digital. The Sounddesigners Label was one I held is high regard when I started collecting their releases for DJ sets back in 2012. When I began releasing music in 2016 I added Sounddesigners to my promo list and got a request to do a remix on the upcoming Cossway EP release. This organic process of connecting with like-minded people continues to bear fruit for both R & R and Soundesigners and this inspired mix is a testament to that.

R&R links:


1. MM/KM – Bust A Move
2. Neustadt 36 – Lost Goldmine
3. From Karaoke To Stardom – Rue des Bullets
4. Jetone – Aerial Red
5. MGUN – Half Past 3
6. Jon Mcmillion – Somebody Help Me
7. Melodie – Forever
8. Tleilaxu – Just A Thought
9. Touane – Chamber
10. Map.ache – Message From Myself
11. Ateq – Sign
12. Coldfish – Aino Lane(Kamran Sadeghi Holistic remix)
13. Mariel Ito – Life Index ft. Confutatis

Thanks R&R for your love,
Happy holidays and a good year of 2017 to everyone.


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