Anton Zap


Anton Zap was born in Moscow in 1979 . He studied Chinese for 7 years and then embarked on a 2 year sound engineering course . He started collecting wax from a very young age and in the mid 90’s he joined Moscow’s underground lounge group , Tetris , led by Vlad Lozinsky .
He was resident dj at one of Moscow’s leading clubs, Propaganda from 1997-2005 . He later started his own band,Papaztrio alongside Pavel Hotin and Yuriy Shulgin .
He hooked up with Edward Mckeithen aka Dj Jus Ed via myspace and that led to releases on Underground Quality which brought him to the attention of the record buyers , press and record shops alike.
This in turn led to releases on Dubby man’s Deep Explorer imprint as well as noted releases on Quintessentials . More releases are planned on the much loved Millions of Moments label as well as on danish imprint , Kontra Musik and a storming remix for an upcoming benjamin Brunn & workshop’s wunderkind , Even Tuell on Uzuri Recordings .
He made his dj debut outside of Russia @ Berlin’s revered dance institution , Panorama bar  and other ones around the world.

Myspace page

Soundcloud page

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