DeepJust Aquabeat

Dj/Producer DJ AQuaBeaT (aka Deep.Just) is a veteran of the NYC house music scene with over 20 years behind the turntables and even more on the dance floor.  DJ AQuaBeaT is known for his technical approach, thoughtful selection and fuel injected sets.  His productions, like his playing are a soulful blend of deep electronic beats and tribal rhythms. “I want to play the joints that hit you where you feel it way before you hear it. Tracks that you may know but never expect to hear out and the one’s you do, interpreted in a way you never expected…and its got to be deep.

His music collection was already impressive before he ever stepped behind a set and a friend’s turntables left at his home for safe keeping opened the door to the world on the other side of the dance floor. Mix tapes started flowing immediately and served as the soundtrack for at home dance sessions for he and his friends.  The tapes featured the b-sides of the hottest house tracks of the day as well as jazz, soul, electronic and world music.  The musical focus was always on tracks they never heard out.  These music and dance workouts laid the foundation for and evolved into GetOpen Sessions (

DJ AQuaBeaT has been on the bill with some of the most influential house dj’s and producers in the business; Boddhi Satva, Dhundee, Op, Jihad Muhamad, ?uestlove, Josh Milan, Julius the Mad Thinker, Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium), Hallex M, Dj Qu, Oscar P, Jose Marquez, Dj Disciple, Hard Hittin’ Harry and Sabo to name a few.  He’s played in NYC, Washington DC, Omaha, Boston, St. Louis, Denver; the Winter Music Conference; The Detroit Electronic Music Festival and the Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  DJ AQuaBeaT has releases on United Music Records, Soul People Music and SoundDesigners Recordings and has been remixed by the likes of Fred P, Hallex M, PeteBlas and Pirahnahead.

One track of AQuaBeat @ SoundDesigners, Enjoy!


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