Linosaur photo

Lino Rodrigues started to mix records around 1988. Later, in 1991, he became the resident dj in a club
called Up & Down in the centre of Lisbon, where he was crossing Disco, House and Techno.
In 1993 he began to work in the Question of Time record shop, playing from time to time in the club Climacz
and started to organized some underground techno parties.
Three years after, he released his first 2 records on the Question of Time label:
Reflections (solo project) and as Re:Numb (with two friends).
Changing to the Record shop Discomundo in 1997, he became the general manager and was responsible for orders
and sales, until the shop closed in August 2004.
In the following year, he was resident DJ in the club Fragil, one of Lisbon’s oldest and most popular
clubs in the famous/notorious area, Bairro Alto.
At the same time he joined some dj collectives: firstly, Journeys and later Mata-Hari and Infiltration.
Around 2000/1 he was playing in Portugal from the North to the South and went often to play in Badajoz (Spain),
as well as he started a monthly residency in the world-wide known club Lux and was one of the first djs to play
in the Club Op Art, where he afterwards was regularly.
Since the end of August 2004 he lives in the heart of Bavaria (Munich).
In 2008 he co-founded the digital label “Estimativa”, followed by his own one, “Audaz”,
and in 2011 “Much Love” (Vinyl) was launched.

Releases: Mo’s Ferry, Audaz, Ze Records, Naked Lunch, Much Love, Whiskey Disco, Estimativa,
SoundDesigners Records, Chienkollective, Troia Recordings, Clubstream Green, Dikso,
Real American Records, Bonzai, Honiara, Rip N Burn Germany….


Soundcloud page
R.A. page

One track of Linosaur released with US…


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