Reverb, Portuguese producer incorporates various genres of Dub Electronic Music in his work.
He started showing interest by the DubTechno when he was 18 years old and took the first steps on the Djing area. At 24 years old,
started his career as producer releasing his Album for a Seattle U.S label, Asnazzy Records. Since then,
he is spreading sounds by several labels like Resopal Schallware, Teggno Records, Phlox Records, Lost Demo, Slap Jaxx, SoundDesigners Records, etc.

Reverb sign with US one remix for “Abstract Days” by PeteBlas on the Illusions LP , and his own EP, Mirror Box with remixes by PeteBlas and Atabey. Both on SD Techno Gate.

Mirror Box EP (review):

On this EP, Reverb, a 24-year-old portuguese producer shows how to get into a deep techno atmosphere with an unique touch. The dark language full of reverbs makes you lose yourself in his musical adventures through a subtle Dubtechno, a strong industrial sound and even experimental nuances. With all of this twisted, this fresh dark Techno arises in a very peculiar way. Atabey’s remix for “Subgraph” brings you a deep touch through the flow of Dubtechno chords in harmony with the move of the bassline and the remaining remix elements. The 2nd remix – by PeteBlas – shows a more housy pattern, percussion rhythms and a swing of subs that makes the move go on. Excellent and different EP for listeners that like something out of the box.

Buy it here





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