Scott Ferguson


A unique synthesis of Blues, Rock, Soul, Disco, House, and Techno music are echoed in both Scott Ferguson’s productions and DJ sets. His jazzy and soulful compositions, energetic club tracks and druggy slow-burners incorporate a blend of engaging rhythms with conscious themes. A perfect blend of awareness and unique style makes stand on his own and is embraced by music lovers around the globe.

Scott Ferguson is the owner and operator of the soulful electronica label Ferrispark Records. Scott’s musical career started in the mid-90’s in Detroit where he began Deejaying and consuming a wide range of music, Detroit House and Techno, Disco, and Rare Grooves in particular.

Since his start Scott Ferguson has appeared in many of the top industry recognized magazines, Deejayed and produced around the Globe for labels such as Ferrispark Records, International Deejay Gigolos, Third Ear, Deep Vibes, Deep Explorer, and Psychostatia Recordings and remixed electronic artists such as Alton Miller, Reggie Dokes, JuJu & Jordash, and Native Funk.  His productions have been played and charted by legendary Deejays including Derrick May, DJ Hell, Fabrice Lig, Ricardo Villalobos, Doc Martin, Recloose, Trickski, and Loco Dice.

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Scott Ferguson Twitter

Ferrispark Records

Scott Ferguson dj set @ Alps

Dump Days – Scott Ferguson – Ferrispark Records


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