Kostas Staikos (aka Substak) was born and raised in the city of Athens.

The start of his journey into music began at 2011 when decided to escape
a bit from real life & started mixing and producing.
The first releases came out at 2012 ,hoping that this will bring more

His music genres include:Ambient,Experimental,Deep & Dub Techno

Substak sign with US the EP, Disorganized Thoughts.


Textures EP Kopoc Label
Corta Los Acordes EP – Doppt Zykkler
Subconscious EP – Dast Net Recordings
Subtools EP – Dast Net Recordings
These Days – Sirona Records
Touching The Lab – Adeptlabel


Matthias Springer – Egomaniac – Dreiton
Daniel Levez – Trailer – Burnzzz Records
Atabey – New And Fun Delay – Insectorama
Ruptur3 – Kursk – Doppt Zykkler
Lemonpie – Mesa – Dast Net Recordings
George Kagais – Nebula
Liquom – Sintetico


Dast Pure – Dast Net Recordings
Krata Mix:oo1 – Krata Netlabel


Deimos – Various – Taktsammlung #03 Gleichtakt Records
VA- Tranzmitter Research (Volume 2) Tranzmitter Netlabel
Ambience – Doppt Zykkler 010 Compilation VV/AA – Doppt Zykkler Netlabel
Extrano O Raro – Various – Vapor & Polvo Vol. III Organic Acoustic Netlabel
George Kagais – Nebula EP
Kursk Ep – Doppt Zykkler Netlabel
Merged(Strehm Edit) – Various – Experiment #50 (DAST Jubilee Compilation) Dast Net Recordings
Lost – Various – Concentration Research – Join Da Beat Records

He has made also mixes for Netlabels such as Bleepsequence,Cold Fiction Music,Dbs,Deepindub,Deepmore,Doppt Zykkler,Eden Deeply,
Gleichtakt Records, KoppNetlabel, LoudandClear Netlabel, Mixotic, MonoKrak, Multi-Tap Records,
Organic Acoustic Netlabel ,This Side Music & Tranzmitter Netlabel)


Exclusive Mixes for Catalogues &

Art or Music projects(Kulturkonditorei,Spiel:feld)

Netradios(Netwaves,Subflow,VKRS,Q-Lounge )

Labels 19th Studio Records,Kopoc,Sounddesigners,Stasis Recordings,Sub.spiele Records and more…

Substak “Confusion” SDTG003


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