SD Podcast #54 Feb Mixed By PeteBlas


Almost 90m of Ambient and Dub Techno vibes.


Shaman “Life” Cold Tear Records
Paolo Lucchi “Episode 1” Cold Tear Records
Tender H “Dubby Time” Cold Tear Records
TvSky “The bridge of dreams” Cyan
Drfct “Your Smile” Odrex Music & Naked Sound ‎
Organon “Shuttle” SoundDesiners TechnoGate
Lamont Kohner “Tensor” Recycled Plastics
Altone Forgotten “Tone” Cold Tear Records
Drfct “Deepredators (DRFCT & Arkustico)” Eden.Deeply
Giriu Dvasios “Buk” Cold Tear Records
Vejopatis “Dievo Sodas” Cold Tear Records
Ikosaeder “1017” Deep Electronics
Ilya Orange “Signals” Cold Tear Records
Narson Nelson “Swiatlo” Eden.Deeply
Akusmatic “Put it in a Box” SWM
Liuos “Adhesion” Cold Tear Records
Faserklang “Welle” Cyan


SoundDesigners Podcast #53 December Mixed by R&R


Hi everyone, welcome to one more episode of our podcasts. Firts lets talk about this moment in time, we are in a holiday season, and at this time we have a corner of our heart with open doors to love, compassion, and solidarity, and it is extremely positive when we practice these attitudes benefiting someone’s happiness. With this message I intend to convey the courage to do it serenely and with a head held high, because it only enriches us as people, human beings.
Moving on to the podcast this month we traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to find R & R, a live project founded by Stefan Wyeth, which acts as a live band, in addition to the strong side that House has, also cover other genres that do not Electronic music.
Well, stay tunned and lets listen it!
I hope you enjoy ….

R&R comments:

As an avid music listener, purveyor and curator, I have always collected music from all sources both physical and digital. The Sounddesigners Label was one I held is high regard when I started collecting their releases for DJ sets back in 2012. When I began releasing music in 2016 I added Sounddesigners to my promo list and got a request to do a remix on the upcoming Cossway EP release. This organic process of connecting with like-minded people continues to bear fruit for both R & R and Soundesigners and this inspired mix is a testament to that.

R&R links:


1. MM/KM – Bust A Move
2. Neustadt 36 – Lost Goldmine
3. From Karaoke To Stardom – Rue des Bullets
4. Jetone – Aerial Red
5. MGUN – Half Past 3
6. Jon Mcmillion – Somebody Help Me
7. Melodie – Forever
8. Tleilaxu – Just A Thought
9. Touane – Chamber
10. Map.ache – Message From Myself
11. Ateq – Sign
12. Coldfish – Aino Lane(Kamran Sadeghi Holistic remix)
13. Mariel Ito – Life Index ft. Confutatis

Thanks R&R for your love,
Happy holidays and a good year of 2017 to everyone.

Harmonic EP by Cossway / R&R remix (snippets) SD007 | soon…

Harmonic EP by Cossway/R&R remix

Hello everyone, welcome to another SD edition. For this EP the focus is on Cossway, artist from Moscow, Russia, with his work within the specter of House. Themes with a good rhythm and that invite us to appreciate their content with dance, physical or mental, plus a great remix by R&R from South Africa.
It will be release in this month of December of 2016, so… soon will be available,

Cossway Soundcloud / Facebook
R&R Soundcloud / Facebook

Let us know what do you think about it…

SoundDesigners Podcast #52 June Mixed By Cossway

pod 52 by Cossway

Hello again and welcome to another episode of SD’s podcast.
I hope you’re enjoying the pre-summer where the energies in our surroundings comes with more color
and with another frequency.
Well, this month we have one guest native from Russia, Moscow.
I saw and still see so much potencial from that area of the globe.
Fedor Velyaminov is another seed from that corner.
This podcast can relate with the late night on the dancefloor where the crowd wants non stop rhythm where anything can happen.
Ok, here it is a bit of the Fedor’s info.
Born in Moscow in 1990 (now with 25), Fedor Velyaminov has been always interested in music and started producing at the age of 13 inspired
by famous deep house artists such as King Kooba
or Terry Fransis just to mention a few names. Lived in Amsterdam for the last 5 years and currently back to Moscow. he experiments with the music and represents deepology label.
So far had releases on labels such as Common labour, Hide + seek. His mainly occupation is as art and graphic designer.
So, folks, let’s start the journey and we see you on the next one…


1) David Alvarado – Aqua
2) Christian Burkhardt & Sascha Dive – Bronco Bros
3) Luke Sardello – Subtle Measures
4) Fluid X – Change
5) Sascha Dive Move on
6) elephunk – azure
7) Elephunk – Emerald
8) Dan Ghenacia – Da Doo Da
9) Mike Gill – The Message
10) Cari lekebusch – love international
11) Floppy Sounds – Doing Shows
12) SD Grooves – Red Leather
13) Inland Knights – After Me
14) Terry Francis – Bonjour Charles

SD…to fedd the soul!

Oooohh Crazy Machines @ Superbooth

Hello again,

Big yes, I love the crazy machines that are starting to get in on the market on nowadays of this marvelous century, but the machines from the last century are present too.
To share this idea i leave with you the fantastic performance of some manufacturers, artists and both.
Its so pleasing when you get lost moving knobs on some amazing machines.
Its always nice to meet them, grab i cup of tea and enjoy. Here it is…

JoMox at Superbooth 2016

Ken Macbeths Elements at Superbooth 2016

Mark Verbos (Day 3) at Superbooth 2016

Robert Lowe at Superbooth 2016

Tiptop Audio (Konstantin Gervis) at Superbooth 2016

(I just pick some interesting ones. You can check more @ Superbooth channel on Youtube)

SD…to feed the soul!