Harmonic EP by Cossway / R&R remix (snippets) SD007 | soon…

Hello everyone, welcome to another SD edition. For this EP theĀ focus is on Cossway, artist from Moscow, Russia, with his work within the specter of House. Themes with a good rhythm and that invite us to appreciate their content with dance, physical or mental, plus a great remix by R&R from South Africa. It will... Continue Reading →


Donato Dozzy + Tin Man “Acid Test 09” – One of the EP’s of this year so far…(2014).

The Messenger Ka sharing info about bright sounds: Acid test 09, 3 track EP of Donato Dozzy & Tin Man from March of this year on the US Absurd Recordings. Donato Dozzy + Tin Man - Test 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSruHAQNHxk Warm and smooth, characterized by deep sounds. These series made by this wonderful double pulls the... Continue Reading →

SoundDesigners Podcast #45 July Mixed By Marcelo Tavares

Welcome to another monthly Podcast SD. The guest this month is Marcelo Tavares and is the head behind the Deep Space Podcast. He is a native of Brazil, this wonderful country that currently hosts the World Cup. Since the beginning it has been interesting to watch great football games where the most of European teams... Continue Reading →

13th birthday party ELEMENTS (12/13 of July, Coimbra)

Hello guys, I'm announcing the Mini-Festival that will take place in Coimbra, conducted by the Elements. Celebrates 13 years of pure struggle, love and search of sounds that complement the expression of our desires on the dance floor. The dance, the feelings, the design of a series of ideas that are revealed in our mind... Continue Reading →

Kink Performance @ RA

Hello to all, Life in this world of electronic music is fascinating. The potential that each has when it identifies, flowers priced much work but no doubt that the results illuminate everything around us ... With this phrase, I want leave here personal reflection on life and the world. After seeing the recent performance of... Continue Reading →

Charismatic Cities…Charismatic Grooves… The Heat of the Cities!

Each city has its energy and identity but when we speak in the dance music inevitably we speak of Detroit, Chicago and Berlin, London, Colonia like majors. These are the cities that are expressed through the sound of a peculiar and very proper form. The roots of the dance music had started they to grow,... Continue Reading →

Black Jazz Consortium: The Veteran NYC Producer Traces His Musical Evolution and Talks About Going Digital

Black Jazz Consortium: The Veteran NYC Producer Traces His Musical Evolution and Talks About Going Digital Words: Derek Opperman "Electric Ladyland? Jimi Hendrix? You know how he does that whole solo backwards? I just like that sound, and I like to try it on different things and see what it does," says Fred Peterkin. The... Continue Reading →

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