Harmonic EP by Cossway / R&R remix (snippets) SD007 | soon…

Hello everyone, welcome to another SD edition. For this EP the focus is on Cossway, artist from Moscow, Russia, with his work within the specter of House. Themes with a good rhythm and that invite us to appreciate their content with dance, physical or mental, plus a great remix by R&R from South Africa. It will... Continue Reading →


SoundDesigners Podcast #50 May Mixed By Ocralab

Hello All, After some time without the podcast's edition, we return back again with new rotations. May is the month that now begins, and nothing better than an inspiration for it. The artist that we present this month, is from Potenza, Italy, with Ocralab like alter-ego. Besides working on dj format, he is also a... Continue Reading →

Synth Cave with Alessandro Cortini

Well, you saw the title, to describe what, if you can see with your own eyes. By the way...i love this fuc*ing cave! Love, Alessandro Cortini - In The Synth Cave Part 1 Alessandro Cortini - In The Studio Part 2 Alessandro Cortini - Fire Up The Buchla Part 3 SD...to feed the soul!

Ghost Data LP by Phantom Network (SDTG005) is OUT NOW!

Another edition with the SoundDesigners stamp inside our Technogate line. An artist from London who debuts in our team. The UK Richard Simmons with the alias Phantom Network on the LP called Ghost Data. No doubt that this work is full of good, dynamic, delicate taste, subtlety, strength, innovation and personality. After these accolades, clear... Continue Reading →

RBMA in Tokyo (2014) – Lectures with Untold, Holly Herndon, and Dave Smith

[ - It's always interesting to see and learn from the lectures of the Red Bull Music Academy. Artists of all persuasions show us experiences, techniques, ways to look at another perspective .... It is with this exchange that we add more to our world, whether artistic or personal. Derived from all these factors, here... Continue Reading →

SoundDesigners Podcast #47 November Mixed By Markus Masuhr

Hello everyone, Another month to get a new set of innovations and developments in our life. With the results, or part of them, the seeds we sow. We have the second month of autumn (Europe), the cold temperature rises despite increasingly be instability secondary to economic interests. Anyway ... This month we invited an artist we... Continue Reading →

Donato Dozzy + Tin Man “Acid Test 09” – One of the EP’s of this year so far…(2014).

The Messenger Ka sharing info about bright sounds: Acid test 09, 3 track EP of Donato Dozzy & Tin Man from March of this year on the US Absurd Recordings. Donato Dozzy + Tin Man - Test 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSruHAQNHxk Warm and smooth, characterized by deep sounds. These series made by this wonderful double pulls the... Continue Reading →

Charismatic Cities…Charismatic Grooves… The Heat of the Cities! (Part II)

Each city has its energy and identity but when we speak in the dance music inevitably we speak of Detroit, Chicago and Berlin, London, Colonia like majors. These are the cities that are expressed through the sound of a peculiar and very proper form. The roots of the dance music had started they to grow,... Continue Reading →

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