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This will be our 1st Showcase and will be outdoors in a garden in which they magnificent terrace is next to a lake. Jardim da Estrela in Lisbon, who does not know … is recommended strongly.
The space is phenomenal. The music will be in slow burn (low hit) and deep to relax and create stimulation that make us travel to places full of harmony. Well you know …

We wanted to invite someone refreshing in Lisbon, we decided for Jêpê because is from Aveiro, not regular here, has a musical process that provides the stability that makes the difference, is expanding and will soon launch a fantastic EP ‘BLACK AND WHITE’. Stay tuned.
The project which consists of Johnwaynes Jêpê MrBeat and already published in prestigious publishers worldwide as a Mule Music, Compost, Groovement and more.

Pedro Pereira (PeteBlas) that develops the editor opens the session with a display of cool sounds and exquisite musical vision and like publisher (SD)
We are already doing to you the invitation … to enjoy hits with US slow burn in an open and well … appetizing

Line up:

Johnwaynes profile: ( # section23)

Promo for the showcase:

We can´t record PeteBlas but we record Jepe. Enjoy!

Some photos:


4 of June and we have one more showcase. Lovely! The place is Jardim da Estrela(Lisboa), open air space. This time we have more showtime, it starts at 17h until 22h.
On our next EP, the 2nd, the artists is Djazzy on ‘Bug Bites’ with a remix by Dirk Leyers. Sweet!

So the line-up will be in that order. First we have a spanish friend, Sergelectric. He is here in Lisbon at few months and yes…is a lover of this culture. Serge gone start at 17h until 18h to show us some vibes, then PeteBlas is the 2nd one from 18h until 20h with new deep rhytms. To finish…Djazzy, he already sign with labels like Buzzin’fly,Stir,US(SD) and many more…

We invite you to enjoy some sweet journeys with our music!!

SoundDesigners showcase


20/22h Djazzy(Buzzin’fly/Stir/SD)
18/20h PeteBlas(SPM/Ferrispark/SD)
17/18h Sergelectric(SD crew)

Promo for the showcase:

After the showcase @ the garden(Jardim da Estrela) we push the things forward to have an after-party SD. What happen?! We get it, real thanks to Bárbara Noronha/Rodrigo Santana for get that for us, so…we keep burning @ CLUB RUBIK from 23:30 until 04:00h with PeteBlas and Djazzy to continue the ride of deep hot beats!!!

Its in the center of Lisbon, near the LUX(club) and REAL HOT SPACE!! Check: RUBIK
If you are from Lisbon or are just passing by…dont miss this SHOW! LOVE!

You can check more here@FB event. Check it out and BE WITH US!!!!

SD…to feed the soul

On this month, 23 of July we gonna have one BEACH_MEETING @ GOLFINHO (costa da caparica/praia da saude)near from Lisbon

We will play with our friend crew to make something HOT!

The line_up is like this:

Nuno Bernardino dj_set
Jorge Caiado dj_set
PeteBlas dj_set
Wundeep dj_set
Vitor Silveira dj_set
Sergelectric dj_set

From until 12 hours with DEEP_HOT_BEATS!!

We invite Sergelectric to make a promo for the meeting!! ENJOY!!

SD…to feed the soul!!

Be with US/Scream with US/Enjoy yourself with US!!


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