SD Weekly Radio Show’s @ Rádio Zero

We start our Weekly Radio(Lisboa,PT) Show’s @ Rádio Zero @ 30 of October(2013). The shows will continue with tons of Love!
You can listen here (Mixcloud) our past shows.

Desde 30 de Outubro que começámos o nosso programa semanal SoundDesigners na Rádio Zero.
Podem ouvi-lo às 23h de 5ª feira e às 11h do Sábado seguinte. Se o perderem, podem ouvi-lo aqui.


imagem prog sema SD radio zero 20 final

Programa/Show 20 (13.03.2014)


Programa/Show 19 (I had a technical problem to do the program and the lack of time derivative could not do the program.The Show 18 was repeated. Thank you,| Tive um problema técnico a fazer o programa e derivado a falta de tempo não consegui fazer o programa.O programa 18 foi repetido. Obrigado,)

imagem prog sema SD radio zero 18

Programa/Show 18 (27.02.2014)


Kashawar “What Is Life About” Autoreply
Shine Grooves “Sahara” Rough House Rosie
Newworldaquarium “Kokoandleewho?” Delsin
Gunnar Johsson “Relationer” Just Another Beat
Ernie “Burning Detroit” Bliq
Mandar “808 Ruffneck Business” Lazare Hoche
Pawas “Dubba” Blak Key
Takeshi Kouzuki “Tenmagu” Mathematics
OCH “Hate Interner (Claro Intelecto Rmx)” Autoreply


imagem prog sema SD radio zero 17

Programa/Show 17 (20.02.2014)


Flume & Chet Faker “What About Us” Future Classic
Christian Prommer “Marimba” Compost
Afrikan Sciences “Theta Wave Brain Sync” Deepblack
The Analog Roland Orchestra “Velvet Green (Rhauder rmx)” Ornaments
I.F.M. “World is Changed” Bosconi
Shan “Chord Memories (Groove Edit)” Running Back
Dj Rasoul “Quiet Storm” Area DJ
Anton Kubikov “Auka” Pro-Tez
Laak “Back Of Beyond” Austere
Garnier “Bang (The Underground Doesn’t Stop)” Still Music
Kerri Chandler “House is House” Downtonw


imagem prog sema SD radio zero 16

Programa/Show 16 (13.02.2014)



imagem prog sema SD radio zero 15

Programa/Show 15 (06.02.2014)


Aybee & Fred P. “Dreamwalking” Free Download
6th Borough Project “In Your Arms” Delusions Of Grandeur
Magic Mountain High “B1” Workshop
Sebastian San “The Gauntlet” Ab Initio
Levon Vincent “Air Raid” Ovum
Dj Qu “Eden” Yygrec
Adalberto “Dance” Automatik_Datamatik
Philou Louzolo “Chicago Coogi” Lazare Hoche
Tyson Ballard “Feel Like I Feel feat. Sheff” Voyeurhythm
Joe Drive “Maat” Cosmic Club Sub Skylax


imagem prog sema SD radio zero 14

Programa/Show 14 (30.01.2014)


Neville Watson “Hot & Heavy” Don’t be Afraid
Healin Force Project “Perceived Equidistan” Eerie
STL “Scuba’s Motion Dub” Smallville
Jonsson/Alter “Brevet Hem” Kontra Musik
Orchesta Modificata “Faster” Kurbit
Love & Mercy “Rainfall” Man Make Music
Anthony Parasole “Quickstrike 1” The Corner
Alien Rain “Acid Reign 1” Deep Sound Channel
Nivek Tsoy “Dirty Dirty” Tsoy


imagem prog sema SD radio zero 13

Programa/Show 13 (23.01.2014)



Dego & Kaidi Tatham “Come With Me” Especial Distribuition
Donato Dozzy “Vaporware 07” Spectrum Spools
Andy Stott “Execution” Modern Love
Jeremy Glenn “New Life (Perseus Summer of 83 rmx)” Future Classic
Miltiades “Wa4 Sun” Echovolt
Kez YM “Late Night Remedy” City Fly
Rick Wade “The Being” Quality Vibe
Amir Alexander “Universe” Deep Vibes
Andreas Gehm “My So Called Robot Life part 2” Mathematics


imagem prog sema SD radio zero 12

Programa/Show 12 (16.01.2014)


imagem prog sema SD radio zero 11

Programa/show 11 (09.01.2014)


Swayzak “Solemn Park Days” 3rd Wave
Stojche “Metro” Tangible Assets
Adjowa “Science & Soul” Don’t Be Afraid
Funk E “Stereotrip” Kurbits
Pablo Madteo “Roxy” Lack
Hooved “A Untitled” AmAm
Nils Nilson “Hammer” Subotnik
Unknown Artist “Untitled W” Knowone
Recondite “Cleric” Dystopian
Elon “Mooncaper (Avatism & Clockwork rmx” ReSolute


imagem prog sema SD radio zero 10

Programa/show 10 (02.01.2014)


Curtis Mayfield “Here But I’m Gone” Warner Bros
Joey Negro and The Sunburst Band “The Secret Life Of Us feat. Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne Z-Records
GB “The Dreamer” Gifted & Blessed
Andy Vaz “Detroit In Me (Patrice Scott rmx)” Yore
Sandwell District Falling The Same Way” Sandwell District
R-Zone “Rebecca In The Hall” R-Zone
Audio Werner “Easygoing” Hartchef Discos
SVN “Track 1” Sued
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana “Silent Change” Batti Batti
Tallmen 785 “Down” Tallmen

Programa/show 09 (26.12.2013)

*Derivado a erro técnico da Rádio Zero, o programa 08 foi repetido. O programa 09 não foi emitido.
*The program 08 was repeated by mistake of Rádio Zero. The program 09 was not issued.

imagem prog sema SD radio zero 08

Programa/show 08 (19.12.2013)


Jacob Korn “She” Uncanny Valley
O B Ignitt “Celestial Salacious” FXHE
Joy of Sound “Our Mission(Black Boxx Dub)” Ferrispark
Michael Zucker “Visual Drama” Finale Sessions
Jason Grove “Newlove” Skylax Extra Series
Eddie Fowlkes “Tha’s What I Think About” Detroit
Son of Sound “You Brought This On Yourself(Version 2)” District 30
Cobblestone Jazz “B2” ItIsWhatItIs
Trus’me “Good God(Norman Nodge Dub)” Prime Numbers
Jesse Rose “Alone” Play It Down

imagem prog sema SD radio zero 07

Programa/show 07 (12.12.2013)


Leonid “Perseid” Sistrum
Perseus Traxx “The Girl I’ve Never Met” Photic Fields
Henry L & Ingo Sanger “Kalk (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Rmx)” Quintessentials
James Fox “Holding On (Medlar Dub)” Needwant
Drvg Cvltvre “Monkey Man” Viewlexx
Citizen “U Give Me Love” Loft
Michael Mayer “Baumhaus (Robag’s Paavo and Veita Rehand) Kompakt
The Organ Grinder “Changes All The Time” Essential
Function “Psychic Warfare” Ostgut Ton
James Johnston “Can’t Stop Falling” Wilson
Mystica Tribe “Zen Stone” Syncom Data

imagem prog sema SD radio zero 06

Programa/show 06 (05.12.2013)


cv313 “Glass City [Live 1]” Echospace [Detroit]
Deepchord “Prana” Soma Quality
Fatih Tuter “Loner” Sublime Porte
Jorge Caiado “Spotless Mind” Groovement
Pablo Bolivar “First Take” Free Download
Arttu “Passing Out Privileges (feat. Jerry the Cat)” Clone
Conforce “Excess Mortality” Delsin
Brioski “Let Me Hit” Throne Of Blood

imagem prog sema SD radio zero 05

Programa/show 05 (28.11.2013)


Rod Modell “Hotel Chez Moi” Plop
Sanderson Dear “Forgotten & Forsaken” Censored Productions
Fingers In The Noise “3:01 AM” Basic Sounds
Urenga – Budapest, Hungria “Oneata” Load & Clear
Alex Smoke “Jah Future” Soma
Duplex “Damn Dark Mind” Field
Paul du Lac “Spaces Below” Clone
Quantec “Water 6 Ice (Quantec’s Monoaxial Mix)” For Pleasure
Sei A “Make it Work (Breach Rmx)” Aus Music

prog sema SD 04 radio zero

Programa/show 04 (21.11.2013)



Echo Inspectors “Ghost Flight” Primary Colours
Ghost Culture “Mouth (Dub)” Phantasy Sound
Ayqix “Manuyux” Temiong
Organon “Shuttle” SD Techno Gate
Dadub “Yanka Dub” A Quiet Bump
Doyeq feat. Hana Chia “On My Way” Moshitaka
Alex Israel “Front Butt” Creme Organization
Rootstrax “Harlequin” Deeply Rooted
Stiver “It’s Similar They Say…” Sublime Porte
Echoton “Floating Point” DeepInDub

imagem prog sema SD 03 radio zero

Programa/show 03 (14.11.2013)



Aroop Roy feat. Sarah Winton “Lilly” Freestyle
Inner Square “Empty Streets” Slowdance
Bob Moses “Far From The Tree” Scissor & Treat
Axel Boman “Dance All Night” Studio Barnhus
Andy Vaz “Im not From Detroit” Chiwax
Terrence Parker feat Reno Ka “Finally (Planet E mix)” Planet E
Rhythm Operator “Hope” Let’s Play House
Art Of Tones “Take Me Higher (Lauer Bert Rmx)” We Play House
Riley Reinhold & Stefen Gubatz “The Next And The Next (Salz Rmx)” Telrae
Tuff City Kids “HFS” Delsin

imagem prog sema SD radio zero02

Programa/show 02 (07.11.2013)



Ramboiage “Ready For Your Love” SoundDesigners
Slow Hands “Rough Patch” K7
Double Hill & Jerome C “I Need Love” Double Standard
Juan Soto “Dance & Claps” Nurvous
Miguel Campbell “Kiss and Tell” Social Experiment
Pepe Bradock “Hello!” Atavisme
Brad Peterson “Evolution” Inner Shift Music
Photonz “Xabregas” One Eyed Jacks
Redshape “Path (Dub)” Delsin


Programa/show 01 (31.10.2013)


Four Tet “Love Cry (Joy Orbison Rmx)” Domino
3 Chairs “Muffled Memories” 3 Chairs
Floating Points “Vacuum Boogie” Eglo
Jamal Moulay “November Dub” Pro-Tez
Jason Grove “Balance” Skylax
Murat Tepeli “WorkinStrugglin” Philpot
Resoe “Nachhall (Don Williams Rmx)” Echocord
Paranoid London f. M.Pintado “Eating Glue” Paranoid London
Anthony Parasole “My Diary” Marcel Dettmann
Conforce “Embrace” Delsin

SD…to feed the soul!


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