SD Weekly Web Shows 51/100

SoundDesigners Weekly Web Shows as end in the current format. Now the show will continue in a Lisbon Radio, Radio Zero. The host is Pedro Pereira(PeteBlas) and will be now in Portuguese. It will start in October 2013 and SD keep you posted.


81th 31/07/2013


Dopplereffekt “Technic 1200” Clone Classic Cuts
CVBox “Remind 20:3 (feat. Micha Freier) Uncanny Valley
Moritz Von Oswald Trio “Blue” Honest Jon’s
Sven Weisemann “Elution” Telrae
Jay Haze feat. Big Bully & Sven VT “Soul In A Bottle (Jonas Woehl Remix)” Poesie Musik
Die Vogel “The Chicken” Pampa
Snork58 Monkey B “Click Jaw” Snork Enterprises
Nick Hoppner “Red Hook Soil” Ostgut Ton
Deadbeat “I.D.4” BLKRTZ
Peter Van Hoesen “Seven, Grenn & Black (SCB edit) Time to Express

Have a nice week!
SD…to feed the soul!


80th 19/07/2013


Steve Moore “Lwaxana” Future Times
Crimea X “Yev” Hell Yeah
Jacques Renault, “Back To You (Francis Inferno Orchestra Remix)” Let’s Play House
Juju & Jordash “Coffin Train Getaway” Golf Channel
Andrès Zacco “Something In Your Smile” AirDrop
Sarp Yilmaz “The Knowledge” Swing Music
Magic Mountain High “May The Box Be With You” Workshop
Mango “Redlight Feelgood” Millionhands Music
Romanthony “Ministry of Love (Andres Remix)” Glasgow Underground
Git Feat. Big Brooklyn Red “Higher (Afefe Iku Remix)” Yoruba

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


79th 09/07/2013


Robert Auser Fatal Attraction Field
Pal + The Forest (Photonz Remix) One Eyed Jacks
Robert Bosco State of Mind 5 ART
Polar Inertia Antimatter Unknown Precept
Daniel Mehlhart Black Holes Notes
David Alvarado Ysleta Ovum
Lasse Buhl R38 Echocord Colour
Stephen Brown Mini Mood Skudge Presents
Jorge Zamacona The Mood Tardis
Mixthoven Circuitry Superb
Peter Van Hoesen Inspection in Solitude Time to Express

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


78th Show 25/06/2013


Bibio “Dye the Water Green” Warp
Pablo Bolivar “Diamonds” AvantRoots
Ugly Drums “Saturn Memories” Quintessentials
Redshape “The Source” Delsin
Beat Pharmacy “Sometimes I’m Happy” Throne of Blood
Mutant Beat Dance “Protagonist” Light Sounds Dark
Latecomer “Cosmic Cart” MCDE
Banfield Audio “Static Buzz” Monochromatic
Steve Tang “Immense” Finale Sessions
The Organ Grinder “Heaven” 4Lux Black
Ital “Pulsed” Workshop

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


77th Show 13/05/2013


Boards of Canada “Reach for the Dead” Warp
Gossamer “Chaino” Jass (Free Download)
Boozoo Bajou “Jan Mayen” Apollo
Tomas Rubeck “Factions” ESHU
Robert Hood “Torque One” MusicMan
Levon Vicent “Deeper” Novel Sound
Leonid “Ramdom Waves” Photic Fields
Oskar Offermann “The Fog Burns Off” White
Madteo “Mad See Scrolls (Marcellus Pittman remix)” Meakusma
Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald “Treehouse” Tresor

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


76th Show 29/05/2013


HVL “Whirlpool” Voyager
Imugem Orihasam “Rainy Dance” Blackplace
Doyeq “Cat Goes Home” Deeplimit
Langenberg “Wait State” Dessous
Pablo Bolivar “The Spark” Curle
Insect O. “Four (Striesen Re-Dub)” Melted
Resoe “Drums For Nothing” Curle
Haventepe “Royal Treatment IV” Unreleased (?)
Dettmann & Klock “Places Like This” Ostgut Ton
Grad_U “Correlation 2” Dumblys
DVS 1 “Evolve” Hush

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


75th Show 24/05/2013


Bicep “Knockout” Mystery Meat
Deep Space Orchestra “Last Exit” ART
Haze n’ Adaeze “Alone” Underground Quality
Onsulade “Camera Shy” Yoruba
Kuniyuki Takahashi “The Session 2 (feat Henrik Schwarz)” Mule
Joey Anderson “Press Play” Latency
Dubble D present Moodymanc “Church!” Rebellion
Steve O’Sullivan “Better Late Than Never” Mosaic
Neville Watson “One Four Green (Johnny Aux Remix)” Teng
Roman Flugel “More & More & More” Clone
Soul Capsule “Law Of Grace” Meltdown

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


74th Show 15/05/2013


wzrdryAV Summer Drone Phase 2 Digitalis
Mystica Tribe Zen Stone Syncom Data
Matt Star Casionation Pt.2 (Unbroken Dub Remix) Mainakustik
Mobach F-M04 SD
Beacon “Bring You Back” Ghostly
Imugem Orihasam “Time(The Mole, Hreno,Dewalta Remix)” Meander
Juho Kahilainen Soitimella (Dave Miller remix) Subself
Michael Mayer Baumhaus (Robag’s Paavo And Veita Rehand) Kompakt
Terranova You Kompakt
Redshape “Focus” Bleep
The Clover “What Else” Bosconi
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band “In The Kick of It” ZRecords
NY Stomp “Can You Feel It? (DJ Aakmael After Midnight Dub) Illusion

Have a nice week!!
SD…to feed the soul!


73th Show 08/05/2013


Korwaty Huzek “After Laughter Comes Tears (Nicolas Jaar remix)”
Antoniak/Navmort “pitcairn 022
Julian Edwardes “Crooks” Fremdtunes
Shane Bambrick “The Process” Basic Grooves
Massimiliano Pagliara “I’ll Never Be (Nicholas Remix)” Live At Robert Johnson
Yoko Duo “Lack of Comfort” Fauxpas
Aybee “Landing” Deepblack
Perseus Traxx “Strength In Security of Love” Mos
HRKY “Five [Different World remix]” Underground Gallery
Lucky Paul “Thought We Were Alone feat Milosh (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Gold remix)” Wolf + Lamb
Deepbass “Orion” Informa
Unknown Artist “4 1A” Dub Chronicles

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


72th Show 02/05/2013


Euphorm “Timedraft” Moment Sound
John Beltran “Clouds Pull” Delsin
Lars Leonhard “Before Sunset” Bine Music
Dreama Duo “Boy 02” Disco 1860
Decoside “Reload 4 (Atheus Remix)” Eclipse Music
Parametric “Sohem” Force Carriers
Cloned Phase Two DeepInDub
Substak “Mutant 1 Temiong
Jacob Stoy “Start” Uncanny Valley
RuLo “Babylon Will Fall” Depth
Echologist “Crossing Over” Prologue
Versalife “Sonic Signals” Clone West Coast Series

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


71th Show 25/04/2013

This show was made with only free tracks of the site XLR8R.
So, 1 suggestion…go there and choose yours!!


Tropics “Don’t You Know (Troy Gunner Remix)”
Noah “Do You Remember”
D33J “Park (Tape Version)”
A.M. Architect “Window (Parallel Edit)”
Outboxx “Jewel City”
Die Von Brau “Iris”
John Grant “Black Belt (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)”
Phil Moffa “Next Phase”
Bot’Ox “The Face of Another (Tevo Howard Remix)”
Jacques Renault “Back To You (Almost Remix)”
Eli & Fur “Nightmares (Hackman Remix)”
Nalepa “Seattle Flight”
Chad Valley “I Owe You This feat.Twin Shadow (Bwana Remix)”
Mohammed Alidu “Aikaso (Murlo Remix)”
Light Year “Bliss (LY’s Channel 6 Dub)”

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


70th Show 19/04/13


Henri Feuillade “Wraith Paradigm I” Petroglyph
Head Joint “Europa’s Underground Ocean” Petroglyph
Likeicare “April 128th” Mimi
Floating Mind “More Than You Think” monoKraK
Edward “Following You” Giegling
ESHU “For You” Field
B Mus “Birds Migration” Sublime Porte
Defective Units “Phase One” Broke
Triames “Collapsing” Insectorama
Dana Ruh “Sulidae” Brouqade
Van Bonn “Onwards II” Telrae
Luke Hess “Deep to Deep” Fxhe

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


69th Show 11/04/13


Stefan Paulus “A Journey into a spatial fold” TreeTrunk
Summons of Shining Ruins “The pulse is slow and questioning why it ticks” Resting Bell
Mystified & The Ghost Between The Strings “Under Night’s Cover” TreeTrunk
Saluki Regicide “No Question Of Turning Back” Webbed Hand
Snowman lost his head “Primer dia a la platja” Webbed Hand
Saito Koji “Yes 1” Resting Bell
Electronischebasisgeluiden “From Kiev to Bahia” Parf
Abstraction “Deeps” Doppt Zykkler
Quantic Spectroscopy “Complex” Cicuta
XPURM “Ednma” Soft Phase
Giriu Dvasios “Alsuoja” Ornithopter
The Serial Numbers “Breeze” Doppt Zykkler

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


68th Show 03/04/13


PeteBlas “Tás à Espera de Quê” Free Download
Massimiliano Pagliara “JP4-808-P5-106-DEP5” Live At Robert Johnson
Arto Mwambe “Duster Fc” Live At Robert Johnson
Sei A “You Can Bring (Axel Boman Remix)” Simple
Portable “A Process” Live At Robert Johnson
Coma “My Orbit (Single Edit)” Kompakt
Pantha Du Prince “St. Denis Bei Licht” Dial
PeteBlas Deep Cross Unreleased
Benedikt Frey “Running In Circles” Live At Robert Johnson
Photonz “Plague of the new age (Maetrik remix)” Get The Curse Music
Substak “Hardtimes” SoundDesigners Techno Gate (soon…)

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


67th Show 28/03/13


Syene “Slowfrost” Dewtone
Joshua Iz presents Dubwise “Magnetron (Simoncino Protho Remix)” Eclectic Avenue
P. Laoss “Bamboo Hut” Future Reactions
Teemu T “Distant Horizon” Ehta
M. Rahn “Colored Landscape” 2600
Brawther “Le Voyage” Balance
Havantepe “Coordinate” Statik Entertainment
Mike Dehnert “Limite” Echocord Colour
Marcel Dettmann “Linux” 50 Weapons
Mystica Tribe “Flowers” Syncom Data

Have a nice week guys,
SD…to feed the soul!


66th Show 20/03/13


Bachar Mar – Khalifé Marea Negra – InFiné
Erp – Alsoran – Frantic Flowers
Space Dimension Controller – Welcome To Mikrosector-50 – R&S
Grad_U ‎- EV -2 – Redscale
Markus Masuhr Appart Reducción DeepinDub
Rushmore – Harder – Trax Couture
Shakarchi & Stranéus – Emigrantvisa – Geography
Funk E – Masa De Fatza – Kurbits
Johannes Volk – The Second Resistance – Dolly
Jonas Kopp – Desire – Curle

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


65th Show 14/03/13


Imugem Orihasam – Grey Level Version – New Kanada
Tick – Benthocodon – UNconventional
Daniel Stefanik – Transmediale Reshape – Statik Entertainment
Mono’ono – Telescope Octopus – UNconventional
Gradient – Detail Eight – U-Cover
Vytis Deep Tale – Unreleased
Ignacio Tardieu – Converger De Olas – Similar Acustic
Stereopathy – Scent – DeepinDub
Grad_U – Kolkas Taip – Signorafranca

Have a nice week all,
SD…to feed the soul!


64th Show 05/03/13


Rodja Immanence Mime
D_e Deep Ambiance b [ D_e feat. Fingers In The Noise ] Load and Clear
Atabey – Guayabin [Vytis Remix] Insectorama
Mou Max Man A Quiet Bump
Ayqix Awkish Temiong
Ars Sonor & The Implicit Order Revelation Kopp
Sol Stietz Red Plumed Tube Worms Unconventional
Dublicator – Runaway Ions DeepinDub
Doyeq 22Floor Temiong
B Mus A Birds Migration Sublimeporte
Zzzzra – Sumo ( Original Mix ) DeepinDub
Atrio Serenade Macropaisaje Kopp

Have a nice week,


63th Show 26/02/13


Vytis – Lunar Dub – Liberty Rhythm
Boards of Canada – Pete Standing Alone – Warp
Segue – Snow Dub – Silent Season
Dublicator – High Energy Collisions II – ZeECc
cv313 – infinit – 1 (STL remix) – Echospace
DeepChord – Vantage Isle (DC mix I) – Echospace
Sonitus Eco – Mud Deep – Pinkpube
Biodub – Polar Ice – Pronounce
Mark Morris & Logotech – Small Room – 43

Have a nice week!
SD…to feed the soul,


62th Show 21/02/13

After 1 month without shows, SD is back. Enjoy!

Playlist SD WWS #62

Jamal Moulay – Datafunk – Pro-Tez
Floating Points – Truly – Eglo
Casino Times – That’s the truth – Sccucci Manucci
Motor Drum Ensemble – Send A Prayer Pt.2 – MCDE
Azuni – Believe – Drumpoet Community
Jason Grove – Balance – Skylax
Levon Vicent – Rainstorm II – Novel Sound
Social Disco Club, Miss Bee – Just One Touch (The Mekanism Remix) – Under The Shade
Paranoid London – Eating Glue – Paranoid London
Conforce – Embrace – Delsin

Have a nice week guys!


61th Show 17/01/13

This week a made a mix only with Ghostly International stuff! Its one way to say THANKS! for your wonderfull piece’s of music!(Free Releases)


Tycho – Send And Receive (Chachi Jones Remix)
Dabrye – Temper
Com Truise – Alfa Beach
Ben Benjamin – Toothlike Tokens
Lusine – Gravity
Choir Of Young Believers – Sedated
Solvent – A Product Of The Process
The Sight Below – At First Touch
Beacon – Feeling’s Gone (Fort Romeau’s Shibuya Edit)
Audion – Bend Her
Osborne – 16th Stage
Matthew Dear – Earthforms
Michna – Through The City On The Edge Of Forever
Willits + Sakamoto – Completion

(All released @ Ghostly)

Have a nice week guys! EnjoY,


60th Show 09/01/13


Break SL – My Love is For You – Philpot
Cole Medina – Stay With Cole – Licorice Delight
Jacob Korn feat Kid A – Broken Uncanny Valley
PeteBlas – Free Fields (Ambient Touch mix) – Unreleased
C-Beams – One – Smallville
Levon Vicent – Speck’s Jam – Novel Sound
Benjamin Brunn – Hero – Ethereal Sound
Akufen – Wet Floors – Background
Nick Sole – Africa – Mojuba
Agoria feat Scalde – Singing (Dixon Dub) – Innervisions

Have a nice week,
SD…to feed the soul!


59th Show 02/01/13


Madteo – Rugrats Don’t Techno for an Answer – Sahko
Donato Dozzy – S.T. (VFTL Rework) – Prologue
R-A-G – Black Rain (Ambient mix) – Mos
Recloose – Electric Sunshine (Andrés rmx) – Rush Hour
Benjamin Brunn – No Kiks (XDB Reshape) – Third Ear
Sound Stream – Julie’s Theme – Sound Stream
Marcellis – B1- Workshop
Snuff Crew feat Robert Owens – Clarity (Steffi’s Shake it Down) – Snuff Trax
Redshape – Its in Rain – Running Back
Rebolledo – Positivismo feat Raquel Wolff – Comeme
Tiger stripes feat Pete Fij – Out of Phase – My Favorite Robot

Have a nice week and Happy New Year 2013!


58th Show 19/12/12


Amalia – All the funk I need – Tokyo Dawn
Satin Jackets – The Hustle – Whiskey Disco
Paskal & Urban – Absolutes Still in Love – Foul & Sunk
Tin Man – Falling Acid – Keys of Life
Cottam – Deep Deep Down – Aus Music
Dirtytwo – Moody – Local Talk
Volta Cab – Don’t Give up (Trus’me Strong rmx) – Illusion
James Blake – Limit to your love (Daniel Bortz edit) – Keinemusik
Tigerskin – Lied – Future Classic

Have a nice week and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


57th Show 12/12/12


Tycho – Daydream – Ghostly International
Kate Simko – The Creative Part – Ghostly International
Alex Morais – Don’t Say That – Day
Ramboiage – Ready For Your Love – SoundDesigners
Takuya Matsumoto – Jump Rope Music – Unknown
Genius of Time – Tuffa Trummor Med Synt – Aniara
Rosin Murphy – Simulation (Mano Le Tough rmx) – Permanent Vacation
Detroit Swindle – Autumnia – Murmur
Will Maddams – Get High (I Like It) – Traxx Underground
Dntel – My Orphaned Son (Die Vogel rmx) – Pampa
DJ AQuaBeat- I Beat My Drum – SoundDesigners

Have a nice week all,


56th Show 06/12/12


Inkswel She Likes Techno Boogie Bash
Audision Yellow Sunset Andmusic
Julius Steinhoff So Glad Smallville
Patrice Scott Oberon Sistrum
2DeepSoul The Silent of Winter Minuendo
Sascha Dive Black Man Deep Vibes
Ron Trent Sundance Electric Blue
Mike Sharon Can You Feel It Local Talk
Detroit Swindle Guess What (Leftside Wobble rmx) Dirt Crew
Giorgio Moroder vs MB Disco From Here To Eternity (Aeroplane remix) MB Disco

Have a nice week guys,

55th Show 28/11/12


Andrew Weatherall Liar with Wings Rotters Golf Club
San Laurentino Playmaker Live At Robert Johnson
Blackbird Blackbird All Lavish Habits
Nicholas When I Think About Foul & Sunk
Mr Raoul K The Balafon Teachers Baobab Music
Rising Sun Lift Up Your Faces (Julius Steinhoff Rmx) Fauxpas Musik
Joe Babylon I Speak Jive (John Tejada Remix) Roundabout Sounds
Florence And The Machine You’ve Got The Love (The XX Rmx) 130 Available for free download from the RCDLBL website
Homework I Got Two Exploited
Marco Shuttle There’s No Point… Eerie

Have a nice week all!!

54th Show 22/11/12


When Saints Go Machine Kelly (Sekuoia remix) Ik7
Yuki Suzuki We Don’t Have Much Time Jansen Jardin
Innerspace Halflife Stratosphere Machining Dreams
The Rhythm Odyssey Ride On this Rekids
Tracey Thorn In the Cold, Cold Night Buzzin Fly
The Drifter Day and Night Permanent Vacation
Carter Bros. Run Black Catalogue
Rondenion Devotion Faces
Cloud Voyance Exceptional
Kenny Bobien Let Me Show You Soundmen On Wax
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band Man of War (Henrik Schwarz mix) Z

Have a nice week all!!

53th Show 14/11/2012


Dam-Funk She Lights Me Up Stones Throw
DJ Shadow, Terry Reid Listen Hip-O
Floating Points Myrtle Avenue Eglo
Rebolledo Canivalon Cómeme
Sano Disco Noche Cómeme
Jesus Gonsev Mysteries Supafeed
San Soda Cocomo We Play House
Arttu Set You Free 4Lux
Bicep Feel It
Christopher Rau Sound Shake Smallville
Norm Talley Powder Mixmode

Have a nice week!

52th Show 07/11/2012


Andy Stott Numb Modern Love
Jose Rico September Rain Downbeat
Leonid Passions Limitir Stolen Kisses
PeteBlas Melodic Grey Unreleased
Aybee Underworld Underground Quality
Move D Got 2 Be Electric Minds
DJ QU Everybodys Dark Soul People Music
STL Your Turn Smallville
Alden Tyrell ft Mike Dunn Touch The Sky Clone
PeteBlas Cen. XXI Unreleased
Sean Deason Phunk Intuit Solar

Have a nice week guys,

51th Show 02/11/2012

(Special vinyl show)


Losoul Blood Sample Playhouse
Patrice Scott Excursions (Reprise) Sistrum
Pitch Black City featuring Roberta Sweed RunAway Mahogany
Dubbyman Messages From The Dub (Mike Huckaby Remix) Deep Explorer
Marcellus Pittman A mix Unirhythm
Green Velvet Never Satisfied (Studio 54 Re-Re Mix) Live
Kasper – Hooked On You Quintessentials
Fred P. Other Music Underground Quality
The Godson Analog Love Rush Hour
Tony Lionni Raices Mule Musiq
Tomas Svensson Dorian Vidab

Have a nice week guys,


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