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“Illusions” by PeteBlas, LP SDTG001

Illusions lp PeteBlas Reverb artwork SDTG001

The 1st release of SoundDesigners on the Techno Gate side.
Illusions LP by PeteBlas with 1 remix by Reverb.

Tracks order:

Abstract Days
Abstract Days(Reverb rmx)
Hipnotic Dream
Step by Step
On The Road
Night Shift

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Some Portuguese explorers on the deep side of DubTechno.

Mastered by Jorge Lima
Released by: SoundDesigners Techno Gate
Release/catalogue number: SDTG001
Release date: Sep 12, 2012

“Mirror Box” by Reverb, EP SDTG002

The 2nd release of SoundDesigners Techno Gate.
Mirror Box EP by Reverb with remixes by PeteBlas and Atabey.

On this EP, Reverb, a 24-year-old portuguese producer shows how to get into a deep techno atmosphere with an unique touch. The dark language full of reverbs makes you lose yourself in his musical adventures through a subtle Dubtechno, a strong industrial sound and even experimental nuances. With all of this twisted, this fresh dark Techno arises in a very peculiar way. Atabey’s remix for “Subgraph” brings you a deep touch through the flow of Dubtechno chords in harmony with the move of the bassline and the remaining remix elements. The 2nd remix – by PeteBlas – shows a more housy pattern, percussion rhythms and a swing of subs that makes the move go on. Excellent and different EP for listeners that like something out of the box.
Tracks order:

1. Mirrox Box
2. Mechanism
3. Subgraph
4. Subgraph (Atabey mix)
5. Subgraph (PeteBlas mix)

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Mastered by Jorge Lima
Released by: SoundDesigners Techno Gate
Release/catalogue number: SDTG002
Release date: Nov 28, 2012

“Disorganized Thoughts” by Substak, EP SDTG003

Substak ep SDTG003

The 3rd release/EP with Substak, featuring remixes by PeteBlas & Sonitus Eco.

The 3rd EP of SoundDesigners Techno Gate plays raw/roots/deep/techno scenes. in this EP, Substak brings to us some simplicity. Remembering that less is more, “Hard times” have some singular mess. The Beat in Pan mode puts the base of the track in a soft platform, but the crazy acid loop and the rim put us at the time of 303 and 808 Redrum machines, the classical raw square sound that doesn’t stop lopping make a fun contrast and reveals originality. The 2nd track “Distorced Deepness” starts with that rhythm loop and brings again the acid sounds. Just a small acid rain puts the spirit alive.The fresh deep pad gives a nice harmony that runs without stop 1 more time leaving you in the madness of this distorted hot feel. “Confusion” is a deep dark structure that you listen with smoothness until the end in a danceable way. The remixes fulfill this EP with sharps. PeteBlas gives an extended mode in a deep way using the high frequency melody of the original one with some deep dub chords delayed, the strong baseline gives some energy pulse to the track that puts the hypnotic feel in the air.Sonitus Eco use the same loop but with a melodic/acid/analog/techno/emotion drama in the scene. All the Redrum Techno elements are there, the Rides play a nice role, the toms give power to the structure, the repeating claps and the non stop moving hit hat’s brigs a sweet raw texture to the track. For the Techno/Raw lovers, this EP in a hot roll.
Tracks order:

1. Hardtimes
2. Distorced Deepness
3. Confusion
4. Confusion (PeteBlas mix)
5. Confusion (Sonitus Eco mix)

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Mastered by Jorge Lima
Released by: SoundDesigners Techno Gate
Release/catalogue number: SDTG003
Release date: April 24, 2013

“Deep Space Series Vol.1” V/A, Compilation SDTG004

SDTG004 - Deep Space Series Vol.1 SoundDesigners Techno Gate

4th Release with a great compilation featuring 12 artists.

Tracks Order:

  1. Gluduma by Vytis
  2. Sign Of The Times by Stereophaty
  3. Something Diferent by Fingers In The Noise
  4. Dreihund by Timequake
  5. Shuttle by Organon
  6. Chromatic Dub by Maurizio Miceli
  7. Orion Doc by Aura Fresh
  8. Melospace by Substak
  9. Dark Hall by PeteBlas
  10. Tiefen Schatten by Atabey
  11. Phrase by Reverb

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Mastered by Jorge Lima
Released by: SoundDesigners Techno Gate
Release/catalogue number: SDTG004
Release date: October 10, 2013

“Ghost Data” by Phantom Network, LP SDTG005

artworkGhostdata LP SD006

Another edition with the SoundDesigners stamp inside
our Technogate line.
An artist from London who debuts in our team. The UK
Richard Simmons with the alias PhantomNetwork on the
LP called Ghostdata.
No doubt that this work is full of good, dynamic, delicate
taste, subtlety, strength, innovation and personality.
After these accolades, clear that we want in our midst.
While traveling on this LP can move in many scenarios
either in stimulating our imagination either on the dance
floor. Chords with the very present, flew on a carpet
mainly be Deep Dub techno and beyond. It is very
appealing to lovers of this type of landscapes. This ghost
information can be reflective and instructed of
foundation of dance, whether that is shed in this 6
themes. Phantom Network shows in this fantastic LP
that did not come here to play but to add something to
our world. Always with the balance this need not
forgetting what may come around in the near future.
Hope you enjoy!
Until next, with strong love SoundDesigners.

Tracks Order:

2.Shibuya (Rain Dub)3.Shibuya (After Hours)
6.Above The City

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Mastered by Jorge Lima
Released by: SoundDesigners Techno Gate
Release/catalogue number: SDTG005
Release date: January 7, 2015

“Magic Potion The Remixes” by Owen Ni

Magic Potion The Remixes

Welcome again to another release of SoundDesigners Techno Gate.
This time the artist from the main track for the remixes is from the United States, more properly Alabama.
Then we just spin the world and we got 4 remixers from Portugal, Canada, Brazil and Croatia.
Every artist have his own world and is in that scope that we look and appreciate in this Magic Potion, The Remixes EP.
The platform that we ear in this EP is Techno with various extensions, and the same are from Overcast Sound, Maryan Kitsenko, Prism Shine Technology and PeteBlas.
5 different versions, 5 tracks, to pursue what we love and feel with the power of music!

Tracks Order:

1.Magic Potion (Original Mix)
2.Magic Potion (Overcast Sound Remix)
3.Magic Potion (PeteBlas Remix)
4.Magic Potion (Prism Shine Technology Remix)
5.Magic Potion (Mar’yan Kitsenko Remix)

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Mastered by Jorge Lima
Released by: SoundDesigners Techno Gate
Release/catalogue number: SDTG006
Release date: April 15, 2016

SD…to feed the soul


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