SoundDesigners Podcast #50 May Mixed By Ocralab

Podcast 50 Ocralab

Hello All,

After some time without the podcast’s edition, we return back again with new rotations.
May is the month that now begins, and nothing better than an inspiration for it.
The artist that we present this month, is from Potenza, Italy, with Ocralab like alter-ego. Besides working on dj format, he is also a producer within the Ambient / Dubtechno spectrum.
For us, developing a very successful work, with charisma in sonic realms. No doubt that Ocralab can carry you to the other side. Nothing better than you to confirm. I leave you with our friend Rocco Biscione.
See you on the next time,


Monolake Nucleus
Thore Pfeiffer Wie es euch gefallt
Stephan Laubner Make Believe
How To Disappear Completely Fracture
Aura Fresh No Plug In
Ocoeur Envol
Liquid Delay The Depth of the Height
Sven Schienhammer Sound Signals For Other Planets
Vectrex Silent
Ocralab Perlucidus
Hans Zimmer Atmospheric Entry
Volunteer Crumbs Untitled A

Ocralab links:


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SoundDesigners Podcast #47 November Mixed By Markus Masuhr

Podcast 47 Markus Masuhr

Hello everyone,

Another month to get a new set of innovations and developments in our life. With the results, or part of them, the seeds we sow. We have the second month of autumn (Europe), the cold temperature rises despite increasingly be instability secondary to economic interests. Anyway …

This month we invited an artist we admire in the Techno scene, Markus Masuhr of Lepzig, Germany. Fan of Techno and Dubtechno, this podcast presents us with a journey full of sounds that projects in a world with unlimited dimensions, which lost in the hard scenarios like Detroit Techno but  full of hypnotic pad’s, full of vigor. Contemporary techno and full of charm, the selection and wonderful structure built during these 60 minutes.

Markus is not new as these wanderings gives to repair. Besides DJ is also a producer on Techno fields and develops two prestigious publishers. Insectorama (net-label) and Pragmat(12”). Already print quality 12 “in his name, continues the saga, full of potential, exploring sound aesthetically interesting always giving a signature that adds to the world in question.

Come on then traveling with PLAY!

Some info/links about Markus Masuhr,

Markus Masuhr (BIO)

From the deep and raw side of techno comes the artist markus masuhr.he lives in leipzig/germany and is the labelboss from the recordlabel “pragmat” and the netlabel “insectorama”. Markus started with electronic music in 1993 with friends at a youth club and illegal parties in Leipzig, he went on spinning techno records till 1997.After a three-year-detour over hip hop – Markus was a DJ of local sound crews – he eventually came back to 4/4 rhythms. Joining various party crews in Leipzig, Markus made himself a name as a highly skilled techno DJ. At the same time, Markus came to appreciate deep and raw techno and following to the dubtechno sound. Till this day, deep and raw techno and dubtechno sound are his main influences. When turning to produce electronic music himself in 2003, he chose to express his versatile style preferences in his own works as well – making tracks and live acts ranging from

deep techno with dub elements to raw techno. in the last years he has published on countless netlabels[insectorama/nulabel/deepindub/tropic…]worldwide. In the middle of the year 2012 starts his own 12inch techno recordlabel “pragmat”.only for his own interpretation of pure deep and raw techno with dubtechno elements. He himself describes his sound as techno that you feel approaching from the rear of the hard but deep with chords echos and delays in a 4/4 pattern dubtechno construct.






Well…SoundDesigners like always wish a month of November full of good energies and happy conquers to your life!


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SD Podcast #46 September Mixed By Andrew Duke

Podcast 46 Andrew Duke

Hello everyone,
Here we are another month of September in this case, to expose the work of another artist. We always aim to assist in the dissemination of artists who consider the potential to add something to our world of Dancescene.
It is our policy help those who have potential, always looking to the content instead of the form.
We like to develop that love to the artistic spectrum that is within our reach. Always with eyes on the whole. The better we treat our structure (Dancescene), the better we’ll feel it.
Back to September, a month-end vacation to some, and to others beginning the same.
Summer is still standing and is still able to feel good on it. This month’s guest is an artist who is already quite experienced on the decks.
Apart from Dj and producer from Halifax, Canada, develops a radio show where he shows part of his vision. Always with quality on the platform. We, SD, have immense respect for his work. Not because it looks good in the picture, but because of the musical content that he exposes.
His radio programs have been around since 1987. In this, there’s no joke for sure, but doing what gives him immense pleasure. It’s part of him already, we think. 😉
We leave here the set made for SoundDesigners, and all information relating to Andrew. Hope you like it, spread the word and we wish you a bright month of September, or outside, or inside.
Stay deep and hugs to all,

SD Podcast #46 September Mixed By Andrew Duke


01 Brian James–Kiss The Sun; Kiss The Sun comp (Batti Batti BBR06)
02 Sascha Dive–Jus Groove (Chez Damier rx); Jus Groove (Tsuba 040)
03 Chris Simmonds–No More Talkin; No More Talkin (Cross Section CS146)
04 Brad P–Polyphony Trip; Inner Visions (Inner Shift Music ISM003)
05 Anaxander–Bring My Heart Back; More About These So Called Love Songs (Quintessential QE38)
06 Glenn Underground–Calor (Heat); July 12, 1979 (Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic SJUCD004)
07 Outboxx–Denim Dreams; Planet Love (Local Talk LT045)
08 Jimini–Get Down (unreleased)
09 Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana–Movement; Movement (Moods & Grooves MG-052)
10 Mateo & Matos–Mysteries Of The Rhythm; The Deep Koncepts Of New York (Nervous NE 20282)
11 2DeepSoul–Power; Mood Sync (Yore YRE-030)
12 Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt 1–Views And Visions; Watch Them (Chiwax 11)
13 Niko Marks–Sin Ducker; Conduit (U2X 055)
14 Innershades–Nina (Tuff City Kids rx); Innershades rxs (Creme Organization CR12-72R)
15 Nubian Mindz–See Hear Feel (unreleased)
16 Above Smoke–Upset; Jazzt Me (Fear Of Flying FOF???)
17 Fabio Papa–Chords For The Winter (Roberto Figus rx); Grind (Etichetta Nera ENDGT028)
18 Rick Wade–Creeper; Creeper (Minimood Extra 004)
19 Joe Smooth–Disco Acid; Acid Revolution Vol 2 comp (TecSoul Deep TS002)
20 Deep88–Believe In You ft Robert Owens (Dadame rx); Believe In You (12 Records 12R09)
21 Mr. Fingers–Can You Feel It; Washing Machine/Can You Feel It (Trax TX127)
22 DJ Deep & Jovonn–Back In The Dark (inst); Back In The Dark (Distance Di1766)
23 Barce–Magnetic (unreleased)
24 Terrence Dixon–To The Bridge; Two Worlds split w Fred P (Finale Sessions 022)
25 Melodymann–The Hold Up (Titonton Duvante rx); The Hold Up (Melodymathics Ltd OOS001)
26 Gemini–If You Got To Believe In Something
27 Octo Octa–Where Did You Go?; Where Did You Go?/Through The Haze (Argot 009)

Andrew Duke:
Here iit s him Discogs text:

His music is consistently referred to by the media and listeners alike as presenting a unique and distinct sound. Wrote The Wire magazine (UK, September 2002): “Andrew Duke creates music that sounds like it has a reason for living”. His Sprung album (released on France’s Bip-Hop label in 2002) was nominated for Album of the Year (Electronica) at the 2003 annual Canadian Independent Music Awards. He has been commissioned for numerous remixes (for artists such as Aaliyah, Pink Floyd, and Chicks On Speed), has licensed tracks to many compilations, and toured his live PA across Canada.
(On the website, you have all the links to enjoy his work.)

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SoundDesigners Podcast #45 July Mixed By Marcelo Tavares

Podcast 45 July M Tavares

Welcome to another monthly Podcast SD. The guest this month is Marcelo Tavares and is the head behind the Deep Space Podcast. He is a native of Brazil, this wonderful country that currently hosts the World Cup. Since the beginning it has been interesting to watch great football games where the most of European teams has not done well. Well, let’s see what happens by the end!
Returning to the beloved music, Marcelo develops the project Deep Space Podcast. A weekly radio show with guests online. Take a peek …
Marcelo brought to us 1 hour and 16m of optimal and fresh construction which goes through a lot of good and current dance scene tracks. Is the invitation … click PLAY and travel there, where you want, however you want. Do not forget … spread good energy and live life with content!
Have a nice and hot month of July brothers & sisters,
Hugs and see you soon,

Listen Here:


1) Holocaos & Leozzone – Singularidade (Blasquez Feat. Paulinho Paes Remix)
2) Butch & C. Vogt – The Infamous (Original Mix) – [Rebirth]
3) AFMB – All My Lovin’ – [Drumpoet Community]
4) Heavyhandz – Light Is New – [Deeper Shades Recordings]
5) DJ Qu – All Across The Floor – [Underground Quality]
6) Afefe Iku – Azimuth – [Yoruba Records]
7) The Drifter & Benjamin Frohlich – Waterville (A Sagittariun Remix) – [Permanent Vacation]
8) Mike Dehnert – Emlo – [Delsin]
9) Marco Bernardi – Demonia – [Frustated Funk]
10) Fluxion – Expansion – [Echocord]
11) Brain Machine – Heaven (Unit 4 Remix) – [Emotional Response]
12) Al Dobson Jr. – Tomorrow – [IZWID]
13) Liquidus Ambiento – Sampa Hi-Fi – [Royal Soul Records]
14) Dego & Kaidi – Acting Up On That Shit Don’t Count – [Eglo]
15) El Brujo Oscuro – Macumba (The Pirate-Radio Mix) – [Beta Bodega]
16) Efdemin – Ohara – [Dial]

Marcelo Links:

SC: @marceloxtavares

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SoundDesigners Podcast #44 May Mixed By Hebbo

Podcast 44

✺ Hello to all,
First, Welcome to another podcast in the frequencies of SoundDesigners. May, what can be said of this month? Good approximation of temperatures at all levels, if we wish so. I ask already my apologies for not having been Podcast in April, there were some constrains, anyway the event already has passed … May … May that month! lol
May invitation goes to Aizul Azuan, with the alter-ego Hebbo, native of Malaysia, the Eastern lands that provide us a deep cultural level. Hebbo is Dj and lately have been dedicated to production and publishing company that develops, Minimalaysia. Busy schedule to spread his virtues. Hebbo offers us a journey through his sound choices. We hope you like it …
I wish you all a great month of May, full of health, joy and fellowship!


✺ Link:

Resident Advisor Hebbo
[In this link you find all of them]

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Podcast 267 by DeadBeat on XLR8R

Hello All,

We find this lovely podcast from DeadBeat on XLR8R. We love his work and is a real reference for us so here it is the drop to flow in his dope beat!

Podcast 267: Deadbeat
Words: Shawn Reynaldo

Like many of his Canadian techno brethren, Deadbeat (a.k.a Scott Montieth) long ago left his home country and resettled in Berlin. That aspect of his story may not be particularly original, but the course he’s subsequently plotted with his music most definitely is, as Deadbeat continues to innovate while exploring the murky sounds of dub techno. The most recent chapter of that exploration is Eight, his latest LP. Now, just weeks after its arrival, Deadbeat has put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. As one might expect, it’s a deep listen, albeit one that’s not without its share of thunderously churning beats. Montieth may be increasingly touting his live show these days, but this mix proves that he hasn’t become a slouch on the DJ front, as he leans heavily on newer cuts and assembles an intricate, nuanced journey full of clacking drums, dubby melodies, and hypnotically swirling rhythms. In sort, it encapsulates what the Deadbeat experience is all about.

01 Kit Clayton “Wshape Revisited” (Background)
02 Voices from the Lake “Drop 2” (Prologue)
03 Mike Parker “Subterranean Liquid” (Prologue)
04 Terence Fixmer and Claudio PRC “Lunar Forest” (Prologue)
05 Cassegrain “Hyena” (Prologue)
06 Nick Hoeppner “Seaweed (Deadbeat’s Fireweed Remix)” (Echocord Colour)
07 Sigha “Translate 2” (Hotflush)
08 Deadbeat “Horns of Jericho” (BLKRTZ)
09 Xhin “Asymmetrical Four” (Token)
10 British Murder Boys “In Another Country” (Liberation Technologies)
11 Wishmountain “Radio” (Accidental)
12 Jon Convex “Aversion” (Convex Industries)
13 Barker and Baumaker “Trans_it” (Ostgut Ton)
14 Deadbeat “Punta de Choros” (BLKRTZ)

Info by XLR8R

SD…to feed the soul!

Talking Shopcast with Smallville Records

Like, we SD really enjoy the profile of the crew of Smallville, here is one excellent post on Little White Earbuds with them.
We want to post this sweet information in our HOME!!
Check a little more about…the smallville world!

Sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name. For owners Julius Steinhoff and Just von Ahlefeld (Smallpeople) and Peter Kersten (Lawrence), as well as an extended cast of producers, artists, DJs and shop-keeps, that place has been the Smallville record shop in Hamburg. Smallville’s ambitions quickly exceeded the store’s walls, first with a record label that showcased the both the core and extended family, reaching as far as STL, Move D & Benjamin Brunn, and Thomas Melchior & Bruno Pronsato. It’s difficult to generalize about the label’s releases, but some values endure: an admiration for subtle, evolving melodies; an emphasis on deepness that leaves the dance floor within reach; and Stefan Marx’s signature line drawings. What started as and still is a neighborhood hangout is now one of house music’s more distinguished imprints, which for many is a dream come true. LWE needed to investigate further, quizzing Steinhoff and von Ahlefeld about Smallville’s origins, its relationship with its sibling labels, and plans for 2012. Together as Smallpeople, they also provided Talking Shopcast 14 — an exquisite hour of house delicacies to start the year of right.

Tells us a bit about who you are and what you do for Smallville Records on a day-to-day basis.

Smallville is run by Julius Steinhoff and Just von Ahlefeld, also known as Smallpeople, and Pete Kersten, also known as Lawrence. Basically the Smallpeople run the everyday life at the Smallville record store: we sit in the shop to sell records, do the orders at the distributors, plan our parties and label projects from the store and pack orders from our online store. The shop is a place to hang out and meet people, to listen to and talk about music or start a track. But around Smallville is also a great gang of people who are part of it, working and helping out. It’s really a good bunch of people, like Stefan Marx, who is responsible for the complete visual side of Smallville; Jacques from Smallville Paris, who lives in Hamburg for some years now; Richard aka RVDS, who is running It’s and releasing good music, recently on Laid; Wiebke (aka Elin), who runs the party series Dear in Hamburg, Christian (aka Blessing) works in the store with us plus does the artwork for Laid; Helena Hauff is also working sometimes and is a great DJ. It also includes people like Christopher Rau and Tilman tausendfreund, who are friends and also help out if needed; and last but not least Stella, who lives in Berlin now but opened the store with us in 2005 and is a initiator and member since the very first thought about the store.

How did the Smallville record shop come about? When did you branch out with the Paris shop? And what spurred you to start releasing records?

Actually we just wanted a good spot in Hamburg, a shop and hangout. We didn’t really think about whether it would work or not, more just did it. And it worked, we’re doing good — actually better then ever before now. After six years of doing the shop, we know a bit more how everything works. We cannot offer every record that is out there and we don’t want to. We would rather take a large number of one record that we believe in to offer it in the store for a long time. We just made two people really happy a minute ago, because we still had Workshop 9.2 on stock. I guess it’s very good for the store to have a certain sound that we stand for and offer. It’s always the music we love the most, that we sell the most, even if it’s a wide range between deepest house and techno. But that is a good thing and a very important point for our good feeling in the store. The plan to release records and do a label, too, was there from the beginning — it just took a while to set up everything.

The Smallville shop in paris is run by Jacques who lives in Hamburg, but he’s doing the orders from here and visits Paris regularly. The Smallville shop there was originally initiated by Pantha Du Prince, who just stocked a lot of Dial stuff and some good records in a shop for clothes; and he found Jacques to help him out with the daily work in the shop. But meanwhile Smallville paris is integrated in another record store called ground Zero, which is cool. If you are in Paris, you should check it out at 23 Rue Sainte-Marthe, 75010 Paris — it’s nice and cosy.

For a while the label was very closely affiliated with Dial, to the point De:Bug felt it necessary to say “Smallville nicht Dial ist.” Was it difficult to establish the label as its own entity?

Well, actually not. Dial and Smallville are close together due to Pete, who co-owns both imprints, but Dial is 11 years old and smallville only six. The Smallville record store is kind of a Dial shop now, too, as we have the Dial/Laid warehouse in here. Maybe Dial and Smallville are like brother and sister in a way, but in the end still two different labels run by different people. We were not looking to divide it music-wise — this comes naturally — and it’s also natural that it’s still close together, working well with each other. But yeah, there are things in common — artists, sounds and everything — but mostly also the way we look at running a label: without any need to be functional or to fullfil any commercial purposes.

Smallville’s records are synonymous with the artwork of Stefan Marx. How was he first involved with the label and why was he chosen to visually represent the label?

Stefan is a fixed part of the Smallville family and a long-term friend of ours. He was working for Smallville since the very beginning — his first work was our small village logo and text. He’s responsible for every part of our visual body — record covers, party posters and the windows of our record store. Stella actually introduced us to Stefan before we opened the store and we were amazed by his stuff. Stefan also likes the freedom he has to do things. He also released on Smallville; Smallville 25 is from him, it’s called The Dead Sea, a three poster collection in a gatefold record sleeve. All in all, we believe it’s the best thing that could have happened to Smallville. we are very thankful to have him.

What is your A&R policy like these days? Are you mainly seeking out music from people close to you or are you open to demos? How did the Melchior & Pronsato record about?

The Melchior & Pronsato record actually just happened. We knew Bruno and Thomas before and Bruno once just told me they had two unreleased tracks and if I’d be interested to listen, as they like Smallville. Of course I was interested. We all liked the tracks, so we released them — it’s not a long story. But besides, that we must admit, we are not really listening to a lot of demos. There are just too many and unfortunately a lot of bad music that doesn’t fit at all. We got to listen to so much music every day and during the week, so we find it hard sometimes. Most of the Smallville releases came naturally through friendship and people around we knew and like or find interesting. For us it’s important to have a good feeling with the artist, too, and to be on the same wave length, doing it from the heart.

The label’s releases can generally be described as deep house music, but there have been some outliers — perhaps most notably STL’s “Silent State.” Are you looking for specific aesthetic choices to align with the Smallville sound or is it more a certain vibe you’re aiming for? Is there anything specific you won’t put out?

There is no certain aestethic we are looking for, or at least nothing that is verbalised. It’s really more the vibe, the feeling. If something fits Smallville, we will realize it quite fast.

Smallville has been around since 2006, and obviously the musical climate in house has changed a lot since then. How much do you feel the need — or even pressure — to respond to what’s popular at the moment or that year?

We don’t feel the need to respond to anything. I guess that’s important. Of course we are influenced in a way by what is around because we go to parties, clubs, places and cities, and play a lot, so that’s an influence. But not in a way to react on something “popular.”

How much input does the artists themselves have in the final product?

You mean the artwork? It is always an important step to visit Stefan Marx in his studio and to have a look at his works. After that the process comes naturally as there is a lot of inspiring stuff at Stefan’s studio. So artists can definitely take part in the process as long as they don’t want a surprise.

What is one of your favorite releases on Smallville? Why?

It’s a good feeling that we are still feeling all the releases, from the beginning until now. Standouts in terms of the label might have been the album by Move D & Benjamin Brunn, as it was out first album on Smallville. It’s really a timeless piece of music and we got a lot of so nice feedback from around the world. That was amazing to realize and it still makes us happy to see it on Smallville. We won’t forget when we first listened to it in the store. And the same with the “Silent State” track. This also got so much love from so many different camps. I still carrying it in my case wherever I play.

What are some labels, past and present, that have influenced how Smallville is run, and why?

Dial, Emphasis Recordings and FXHE! The first Omar-S records on FXHE were just coming out when we opened the record shop. We loved them a lot and also invited Omar-S to play in Hamburg a short while after. There are a lot of timeless tracks on these labels. Emphasis is the label from Steven Tang. Every record is great and these are always a good hint for people digging for records in the store. We bought a lot of these, so we can offer them as long as possible. Steven was also guest at our Smallville party series and it was great to finally meet him.

Is there anyone Smallville wants to release who it has not yet released? What are your plans for 2012?

The release of a Steven Tang record would be something truly great for Smallville. We are big fans. As for 2012, we are working on a Smallpeople album, hopefully for the first half of 2012. There is some really good stuff in the pipeline for the Smallville label.

Talking Shopcast 14: Smallpeople (67:17)


01. STL, “Birdart” [Something]
02. Herbert & Dani Siciliano, “I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard)” [Phonography]
03. Sun Glitters, “Beside Me” (Essáy’s Calm Interpretation) [Kann Records]
04. Ben Westbeech, “Hang Around” (Karizma’s Kaytronic Dub Mix)
[Brownswood Recordings]
05. Juniper, “Jovian Planet” [Ominira]
06. Smallpeople, “untitled” [white*]
07. Smallpeople, “Black Ice” [Smallville Records]
08. Capracara, “Flashback 86″ [Soul Jazz Records]
09. Tang, “Horizons” [Emphasis Recordings]
10. Glenn Underground, “Vision” (GU’s Original Instrumental)
[Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic]
11. Inner Sense, “Vibin” [9Ts Records]
12. Second Life, “Inner Love (Give It Up)” (Black Keys Rework) [Running Back]
13. Omar-S, “Phazed” [FXHE]
* denotes tracks which, as of the time of publishing, are unreleased

(info by Little White Earbuds)

Love sounders,
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